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Interview: Younghusband

Wednesday 16 October 2013

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Words Ailis Mara

The melodic tones of Younghusband echo gritty nostalgia and interrupted daydreams. Euan Hinshelwood, founding member and lead vocalist in the London group, sat down to chat with Spindle about the critically acclaimed album Dromes, what the future holds and how the band came to be.

How did you all come to make music together?
I had started Younghusband as a bedroom recording project before we properly formed as a band. The guys joined slowly over the course of a year or so to help me write, record, then eventually play the tracks live. I used to roadie for Pete’s old band. Joe and I would meet at parties. And I used to be in a band with Adam’s ex.

What was the first song you wrote as a band?
It was Constantly in Love, which is on Dromes. The first version was released on ‘Crystal Ep’, but we re-recorded it for the album.

How would you say your individual musical influences have shaped this new record?
With Joe (bass) and Pete (drums), there are obvious signs of krautrock in their approach. But also Soul, Motown and Stax stuff. We love rhythm sections that are motorik but also melodic. Adam comes from a pretty dark place. Generally, and musically. His parts can act as a great counter balance to other saccharine elements. He’s pretty thrashy. Harsh. It’s a good match. I like pop music that has been twisted, disturbed. I think the guys do that to the songs I write.

Younghusband remind us of the band ‘Dumbo Gets Mad’, as well as a lot of other bands playing around with the psych genre, are there any other bands you admire at the moment who have the same ideas and tastes in sound?
I haven’t heard that band. Will check them out. We really like a band called The Proper Ornaments. Really great pop songs. Lorelle Meets the Obsolete have some cool tracks. We are big fans of Hookworms too.

What does the word Dromes mean to you?
Something or somewhere in between a drone and a dream.

You fall in with an ever expanding class of underground, digitized musicians, with the mainstream and commercial music world so far detached from forward moving musical movements is there anyone in the public eye whom you admire?
Maybe an obvious one. But David Bowie. He’s retained something a lot of musicians, public figures, house hold names have lost. Call it integrity, I’m not really sure if its just that. Plus he’s good, so it makes things a little easier.

What do the last remaining months of 2013 hold for Younghusband?
We are just coming to the end of our first tour, but hopefully there will be another before the year is out. We have a show booked with Cloud Control in Liverpool in October, and a few other spot shows around.

Have you even started thinking about the follow up album to Dromes?
Yes, definitely. Dromes was recorded last summer so we’ve been thinking about the future a lot. We have an idea where to take the new songs. I’m really looking forward to recording again. I think we all feel pretty fresh and ready to start writing. Releasing an album is very cathartic. I’m ready to get confused again.

Words: Charlie Wood