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Interview: Dan Sullivan of Irregular Choice

Thursday 31 October 2013

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Dan Sullivan, design genius behind Irregular Choice, talks to Spindle’s Laura about the extravagant shoe brand that he grew out of Brighton and took to international heights. With an impressive portfolio of stockists in over 50 different countries and 300 new styles every seen, we were lucky to catch him for a few moments of his time!

Where and how did the concept of Irregular Choice start?

I created Irregular Choice in 1999 as a reason to stand out from the crowd. My aim was to create an exceptional offering of fashion shoes with the emphasis on fun, funky Irregular designs. With parents as designers of creative shoes in the 70s & 80s I had a taste for footwear at an early age. Those experiences inspired me to create Irregular Choice. I knew that customers wanted something different and fun but at affordable prices. The formula has worked and people all over the world have fallen in love with Irregular Choice.

Do you think you communicate elements of your own personality through the brand?

All designing is still done by myself to ensure that the styles remain fresh, unique to the vision of the brand. Which is what makes Irregular Choice designs completely truthful to its name.

And now Irregular Choice is branching out to encompass a men’s range. Congrats!

Thank you, I felt the time was right to re-visit our men’s side of the business as we have had quite a large amount of requests to bring the collection back.

irregular choice mens shoe1
In addition to footwear can we expect to see clothing and accessories for guys too?

I think it is definitely something we will look at as the collection establishes itself in our retail stores. I’m sure we will try our hand in men’s wallets, key rings & ties.

What do you envision your ‘ideal’ customer to be like?

It is all about someone who wants to be different. It doesn’t matter what age, where you are, where you work, or anything else, except the fact that you want to have some fun and show off part of your personality that isn’t just a boring black shoe.

irregular choice 2

If you could name a style icon, male or female, living or dead, that you would love to have in IC, who would it be?

David Bowie has always been a big hero of mine. And I was fortunate enough that he got a few pairs of shoes from me a while ago, which was amazing! But thinking about it over a greater time span, I think to have been commissioned to do something for David Bowie 30 odd years ago when he was at his most extravagant would have driven me insane!

What do you think will be the hits from your range this season?

Some of my favourites are Carpe Diem, Toffee Splatter and Goody Two Shoes. I’ve got to get myself a pair of Maxwell because the beautiful fabrics which accompany the design.

Words: Laura Yuen
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