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Friday 18 October 2013

As part the new Levi’s #MAKEOURMARK project, three of the UK’s leading creative talents joined forces and created a one-off immersive experience that took place at the Oval Space on 10th October.

Groundbreaking electronic musician Koreless, Mercury-prize nominated writer Ghostpoet and audio-visual artist/director Alex Turvey, worked together – and with their fans online – to create a piece that brings to life today’s pioneering spirit, exploring the Modern Frontier and what inspires and motivates artists to create, by answering the question ‘What Moves You?’.

I arrived at the Oval Space not knowing what to expect, after handing in my extra layers (cloakroom=free), I climbed the stairs and found my way to what can only be described as a decked out Levi living room. Autumn’s collection was displayed surrounded by comfy sofas, fairy lights and all under  an intimate canopy. I wasn’t in Bethnal Green.


I then moved into the main area where I was greeted with this sign and a lot of extremely happy people with Mojitos in hand. Levi’s always know how to throw a good party-mixing the right crowd, environment and entertainment. From 8pm artists took to the stage and played to a packed crowd


The climax of the event was a performance at 10, that showcased the sounds and footage that had been compiled by Ghostpoet, Koreless and Alex Turvey. Taking the idea of natural environment and how it motivates them, lyricist Ghospoet was tasked with writing the words, music producer Koreless wrote the score and director Alex Turvey put the visual cherry on top. But they haven’t been alone in this process, they called upon the general public to inspire and shape what they produced.


Here is the final product, ‘What Moves You?’ #MakeOurMark #Moves


Their thoughts on the production:

KORELESS: “stepping outside your comfort zone is a huge element to the collaboration, I’m excited to see it come together.”

GHOSTPOET: ”This project is giving us three a great opportunity to work together for the first time and potentially collaborate in exciting new ways. Really looking forward to it.”

ALEX TURVEY: “Working with Koreless and Ghostpoet through Levi’s is an exciting opportunity to step out of our typical roles as solo artists and try something new and different.”

Words: Lizzie Ashby