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Liberty Joins Forces with YrStore

Tuesday 22 October 2013
Words Spindle

The hunt for the “perfect” outfit often has shoppers dismissively flicking through rail after rail. After moving away they will quickly pace back – just to check that the corner of their eye wasn’t lying in the moment they thought they almost saw it. They may even begin to examine what’s in the hands of passing shoppers. Did they find it before me?

I am that type. I must be every store’s nightmare. I am the girl that will even head to the fitting rooms to let my eyes interrogate the unwanted contents turned out from the cubicles (it’s a good tip though).

On this day however, what I have envisioned does not seem to want to materialise itself in any shape or form. But to turn away empty handed would be a sign of weakness when holding a vision so clear. It just has to be here somewhere. I ask a sales assistant, launching into the details. Have you seen something like that? No? I smell a lie on their breath. I bet it’s in the stockroom.

I plough through, although several hours into my shopping safari hopes begin to dwindle. The magic of the store experience promoted from every glossy advert smiling down at me starts to look taunting, not to mention the security guard, who by this stage is convinced I must be an amateur thief when awkwardly lingering for so long.

It is through several of these time wasting encounters with the shops that I have mustered one pervading thought: Wouldn’t it be easier if I could make it myself? But alas, here lies the problem – I have never fathomed the intricate art of fashion design.


Perhaps then, my recent discovery of YrStore coming to take a 10 day residency inside the walls of Liberty is in excellent timing. As the world’s first live, all-over garment printing installation, they are offering consumers who have grown weary of the conventional shopping method the opportunity for a bit of quick and easy DIY.


Enabled by computer tablets, the process allows anyone to glide through various background, foreground and sizing selections steered by the mind’s view of the “perfect” outfit. What is more, your design is your own signature copy, rendering copycat culture and unexpected twin moments at the bus stop a thing of the past. I am already sold on the idea and will be heading there upon opening on Thursday 24th October.

At last I will have my flamingo print top.

Words: Laura Yuen