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Review: Drawings by Dogs

Tuesday 15 October 2013
Words Spindle

There’s a fun exhibition on at the moment in Battersea. It’s called Drawings by Dogs, and is raising money for Battersea Dogs (and Cats) Home.

The drawings are the results of taping crayons to dog bowls during mealtimes. They are maps of the bowl’s movements during a meal, and can tell you a lot about the dog in question. Art Therapy for dogs? If that doesn’t exist yet, I’m sure it soon will.


The curators claim that ‘there’s a Picasso, Poussin or Pollock in every pooch’, and, indeed, some of the drawings suggest Pollock might have been an inspiration (‘Dachshund Pollock’, if you’re looking for a dog/artist pun). The more excitable eaters create sprawling, confident works, while the calmer dogs seem to struggle to get the crayon moving. One dog in particular, photographed next to his work, looked disappointed with his minimalist effort. But they are all masterpieces in their own way, and will hopefully lead to many dogs finding new homes.


So pop along to see some ‘Pup Art’ at The Gallery on the Corner, until the 20th October. You can even take your dog along to do a drawing.

Words: Zoë Bryant
Photography: Tom Lakeman & Tom Webber