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Aiden Grimshaw Releases New EP

Tuesday 19 November 2013

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Singer-songwriter Aiden Grimshaw is back with a new style and sound.

The solo artist is revamping his entire image which was kicked off saying goodbye to his surname. @Mr_Grimshaw has now transformed into a seemingly more stripped back @Aiden on Twitter, which could signify the abundance of alterations in his musical approach to come in the future.

The changes do not stop there as his new EP reveals edgy tracks as the singer tries his hand at something different and succeeds – again. Oh, and he’s got a pretty cool new haircut too.

Aiden was renowned for his hauntingly beautiful (and somewhat scarily intense) performances on the X factor in 2010 and after making it to the final eight of the competition, he surprised us all with his dubstep and synth based debut single released in 2012. The record, Is This Love, managed to make the UK Singles Chart after we all evidently approved of his unforeseen change in approach to music. This track came from his first album, Misty Eye which climbed to number 19 on the UK Album chart in the same year.

So with a successful debut album, the singer has now gone on to release his self-titled EP earlier this month. The EP currently features three songs, Fire and Ice, The Cleaner and Satisfy Me, and there are plans for the final track to come out later this week. The records have been produced by Frenchman Dimitri Tikovoi who has worked with the likes of Nicola Roberts, Goldfrapp and Paloma Faith to name a few (can we hear an “ooo”?).

The tracks, available on the artist’s Soundcloud, have a futuristic feel to them fueled by a stroke of angst. The 21 year old’s sensual voice can be heard through mystic synths, occasionally turning robotic – however, it all fits in with the overall sound being achieved.

The electronic-pop records will no doubt make an appearance in your local club and will come flooding from the radio in your car in the upcoming future, but if you want to hear it in the intimacy and comfort of your own home, then visit Aiden’s Soundcloud page.

As for hearing the recent productions live… well, we’ll just have to wait and anticipate with our fingers, toes, legs and arms crossed over the prospect of a 2014 tour.

Words: Sarah Mushet