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Beccy Owen Releases New Solo Record IMAGO

Monday 18 November 2013

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Singer-songwriter Beccy Owen is back and ready to release her fourth solo album IMAGO next month.

It’s been five years since Beccy worked as a solo artist and produced her last album Down With Gravity – however, the past few years haven’t been spent primarily working on IMAGO. In fact, it was the events that took place throughout this period of time that have been the main source of influence behind the tracks produced.

Amidst releasing a debut LP with her band Sharks Took The Rest, the DIY singer was not only involved in a serious car accident, but also an abusive relationship that led to a breakdown. This resulted in the artist moving to Yorkshire where she proactively set up activities solely based around music. These are all experiences that enabled Beccy to write and eventually produce her most recent work.

Each record is effectively a snippet of the relationship she experienced, totaling twelve insights into that aspect of her life. The songs travel through a timeline, starting off with the initial feelings of passion before working  their way towards darkness and despair.

The title trackrefers to the final stage of an insect’s growth during metamorphosis; it is in this stage that an insect develops its wings and essentially gains its freedom. This track was finished during a self-healing process in which Beccy challenged herself to write a song a day. This track highlights perhaps the most relevant stage in the singer’s buy generic viagra online reviews life , when she was able to break free from her cocoon and express herself with the help of music whilst achieving some form of closure.

The use of the piano gives the album a theatrical feel and the vivid use of imagery in the lyrics allows you to conjure an imagined stage production of the events Beccy sings about. As you listen to the album from beginning to end, it feels as if you  undergo exactly what she did as the records encourage emotional involvement, making you naturally attached to the album and artist.

Her voice and style has elements of Regina Spektor with a dashing of Kate Nash, each song wildly creative but endlessly beautiful. The album is an essential for those that enjoy something that’s easy to listen but thought provoking; something that will get your toe tapping, but your tear ducts flowing. IMAGO is the perfect balance of the two.

After raising money through selling items from baby bibs to personalised album covers, Beccy raised enough money to get IMAGO released, and it will be available by December 14. She will be doing an intimate solo tour in December 2013-January 2014 which will involve her playing in people’s homes and in small venues all over the UK. It’s an opportunity you can’t miss, so for further information regarding tour dates and tickets visit her website: beccyowen.bandcamp.com

Words: Sarah Mushet