Introducing: Sharna Bass The Bold, New R&B Songstress

Friday 15 March 2019

Sharna Bass is R&B’s next hot sensation, and we are here for it! Back with her new self–produced single ‘This View’, the emerging songstress brings the vocals and raw lyrics that give us a major case of the feels.

Growing up in North-West London, Sharna Bass has experienced her fair share of roadblocks including a period of homelessness. But hardships aside she prevailed and has steadily been making a name for herself within the industry, including collaborations with popular English electronic pop group Clean Bandit in 2014 and her track Buss A 9 being featured on the hit HBO series Insecure.

We got the chance to chat with Sharna Bass about her new single, her upcoming EP and so much more…

‘This View’ is absolutely beautiful, from the raw lyrics to production, what was the inspiration for the track? 

The inspiration behind the track was me being in a low, venerable stage of life and being able to express my emotions in order to see life from a new perspective.

You self–produced the single, can you explain the process being a jack of all trades for this song? 

With this song I just wanted to express myself as best as I could and I knew I wanted to showcase my first production, the process was all very natural & I just let the music and energy consume my brain.

Did you notice any big differences producing this track yourself vs with someone else? would you do it again?

Producing the track wasn’t as challenging as I anticipated as I’ve never produced before by myself I was expecting it to take me years but I grasped it quite swiftly and  as soon as I found a piano melody I loved and looped it everything else just flowed naturally! I would definitely love to make more production for myself as I feel it helps open up new ways to express my musicality.

Your sound is so unique, when you’re in the studio what do you go for in terms of creating the vibe and overall sound of your music? 

When going into the studio I always try to go into my sessions with a clear mind, I always roll up then allow a beat to play seeing what type of vibe and emotions it makes me feel I then freestyle whatever comes to mind.

Your song ‘Buss A 9’ was featured on the HBO hit show Insecure (a personal favourite) what was it like to hear your song on such a popular program? 

MINDBLOWING! I’ve never heard my song play in a show before so it was overly exciting and what made it even better was that its a show I enjoy watching.

Now, going back a few years, you did a song with Clean Bandit in 2014 called ‘Extraordinary’ and absolute banger of a track, how did that link up happen? 

From young I was always involved in a youth club called the tabot mix centre, they started running a singing night called vibes night this is where clean bandit first discovered me singing at age 14, when I was 16 I got a message via Facebook from clean bandit saying they remembered my singing and wanted me to come studio to do a track with them I said yes and same day they booked me a cab to the studio to start the making of ‘Extraordinary’.

How have you as an artist grown since that collaboration? 

Before doing the collaboration I was very shy when it came to people hearing my singing so since the collaboration it has made me grow in confidence and also watching the process of the song being written with Jimmy Napes it inspired me to write all my own music.

Are there upcoming plans for an album or EP? can you give us some details or hints to what we can expect in the future?

Yes, May 17th I have my first EP being released titled “beautiful chaos” & throughout the EP I channel my beautiful & chaotic expressions towards love.

Check out the new video for Sharna Bass new single ‘This View’ below: