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Childhood Announce New Single ‘Pinballs’

Wednesday 27 November 2013

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On the evidence of Childhood‘s flabbergastingly ambitious new single ‘Pinballs’, the London based quartet are downright refusing to be pigeonholed, and I for one am totally down with it.

A wild progression from their two previous hit” singles (see Blue VelvetSolemn Skies), Pinballs is eight seconds shy of the seven minute mark, and with every minute that passes, we’re invited to delve deeper and deeper into Childhood’s seemingly never-ending plethora of musical ideas.

Written and recorded in one (presumably very long) day at esteemed producer Dan Carey’s London studio, Pinballs is set for a 7″ release early next year on Carey’s very own Speedy Wunderground label.

The track opens with an irresistibly grunge-infested bass line that has so much groove and swagger about it you almost never want it to end. The song then gently sweeps into something truly special, intertwining hints of 90s psychedelia with proggy ethereal instrumentals reminiscent of Pink Floyd in their prime. With this new single, Childhood have proved they’re not all care-free dreamy guitar pop, but a well-rounded, thoroughly fascinating band. I’m beginning to think we may all be forced to acquiesce that Childhood are going to rule 2014.

Words: Joly Checketts