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John Newman – ‘Losing Sleep’

Wednesday 27 November 2013

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John Newman has revealed the video for his new single Losing Sleep.

The 24 year old effortlessly climbed to no. 1 on the UK chart with his debut album Tribute last week, knocking competition such as Paul McCartney and Cher to the top. Losing Sleep follows on from two of his previous singles Love Me Again and Cheating.

Love Me Again not only made it to no. 1 in 20 countries, but has also sold over 1 millions copies worldwide whilst remaining in the UK top 30 after 14 weeks. Music is nothing new to the artist as he first started playing the guitar at the age of 14 before proactively learning how to record and produce tracks for himself. This lead him to creating his own house tracks and finding opportunities to DJ. Just a few years on and he has managed to establish a prominent place for himself in the industry.

He finished his sell out UK tour earlier this week and has already announced a second for January and February of next year. If you’re interested in getting tickets, get them now as the first date released sold out in minutes. Impressive.

The video for the single consists of the artist walking down a road where he can see a girl in a nightgown. She looks like she could be starring in the next Paranormal Activity film. She’s there one second, gone the next. Spooky.

In his quest to find his “lover”, shall we say, he continues to walk where he can see the silhouette of her frame in every window, creepily touching the glass. It’s dark, foggy and you can only assume that poor Newman is about to get brutally murdered. Thankfully, that is not the case.

Instead, snippets of the same female bathing in a bath with murky water, leaves, and acting generally weird only further our already confused nature. She leaves a lipstick message on the mirror and window before we see fierce flames seemingly engulf the house and perhaps the little sanity the girl has. Who said romance was dead?

Does she die in the fire? Does she drown in the bath? Is her figure in the street a ghost? I’m not entirely sure, but the quirkiness of the video complements the dominant sound that the singer has shared with us this year.

Newman is a fine mix of Motown and gospel matched with catchy tunes and lyrics that all mesh together to create a whole lot of greatness. This is something that is not only evident in his new single, but a theme that runs throughout his album.

Losing Sleep will be available on December 16 through Island Records, and with the success of his previous tracks still looming, the record is bound to do well. His unique voice makes him one to watch for not only this year, but undoubtably the upcoming as he provides us with something we previously hadn’t looked for but can no longer live without.

Words: Sarah Mushet