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Lazy Oaf X Looney Tunes

Wednesday 06 November 2013

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Words Spindle

I’ve always loved Looney Tunes, and perhaps even seen myself a little in each of the critters. The nervous disposition of Tweety Pie but with the cheeky ambition and large cranium that doesn’t fit in a beanie appropriately; the caffeinated energy of Tasmanian Devil, and, um…the Bugs Bunny appreciation of carrots as part of a balanced diet.

Lazy Oaf clearly have this nostalgia in artistic flow, creating a collection inspired by our old school cartoons. Imagine Space Jam (minus Michael Jordan) in East London, and you’ll have an idea of the aesthetic. The collection includes shirts splattered in cartoons, Tweety Pie’s face forming an infectious yellow crop top sweater, and Fresh Prince jackets with cartoons representing the ‘basketball’ logo.

The launch party featured a giant cage in the middle of the heated room, complete with a larger than life Tweety, streamers colouring the ceiling, and a general sense of fashion happiness that clearly comes from cartoons.

Words: Charlie Matthews
Photography: Sam Hiscox

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