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SZA Releases New Album “Ctrl”

Friday 16 June 2017

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Can we talk about the new album that SZA dropped on us all on the 12th of June, 2017? Can we discuss the way SZA brought us 20 something’s back to our awkward and yet exciting and confusing youth? Can we digest the beats and rhythms SZA fed us this week?

With two highly acclaimed mix tapes and an extended play, it seemed to many that SZA had plateaued where her musical career was concerned. Her unique singing style and duets with heavy hitters such as Kendrick Lamar instantly bolstered her career. She was ‘one to watch’. She handled her climbing fame with grace. Every so often appearing in publications such as Vogue, posting intimate images of herself in her hometown writing music and divulging little information when it came to her personal life, it could be said that SZA was a bit of an enigma.

CTRL however gives us a glimpse into who she is and was. We can also see ourselves in her. With the release of Drew Barrymore earlier in the year, followed by Love Galore (ft. Travis Scott) and on its heels, Broken Clocks, SZA’s intended audience were drawn closer to her fascinating persona. All three songs delve into relationships, love, lust and a sense of belonging. This was arguably the perfect set up for the release of CTRL.

A relatable artist is hard to come by in the year 2017. Many fail to see the importance of highlighting their supposed short comings. The pedestal we, as a generation place on artists and their movements means that we also want to witness their failures. Not to berate them, but to see them as human. Songs such as Prom and The Weekend highlight these possible errors in judgement which make us, and SZA human.

We thank you SZA.

Listen to the album on Spotify/iTunes