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Mary Epworth Interview

Tuesday 12 November 2013

I met with Mary Epworth recently to talk about her music and all the new and exciting things that are coming up. For fans of British music and anything a little less mainstream, definitely check out her music – you won’t be disappointed! Also, keep an ear out on Radio 2, as Mary’s stuff is often played alongside other artists like her.

Who was your biggest influence growing up? Who did your parents play around the house?
Kate Bush Peter Gabriel, harmonies seeped in and influenced me that way.

Who would you say is your biggest influence in current day music?
I take a lot of inspiration from the sixties and seventies from bands such as Parks, Beach Boys and stuff like that.

What was the inspiration for your new track (September)?
Anything glam Rock really, as well as artists like Bowie and Mick Ronson.

Remixes of previous tracks (long gone) were they DJ’s/artists you’d wanted to work with/worked with before?
Previous management found them actually, interesting remixes on there. Would love to work with some people to do remixes in the future so we’ll see.

Your album cover is really considered, is there any art that inspired you or influenced you for it?
I struggled to find something to do, so it came quite late really. It was originally sunset but changed quite late. Worked with Matthew Robert Hughes, who didn’t use any digital manipulation – it’s all real – paint everywhere! I bonded with him over the use of colour.

Favourite venue?
The Albert Hall! Amazing, really special. Backstage was Albert’s room and the paintings are all real! More the gig than the venue to be honest.

Are there any artists or bands you’d love to work with?
Loads of really old men! Leon Russell, wishlist, bit nervous to say as if it doesn’t come off it’s a bit heartbreaking! Tara Bush, a new artist.

You’ve played great festivals such as Bestival and Hop Farm, how were they and how different were the crowds?
Very different vibes! Every festival has its crowd, Hop Farm has an older audience… sound problems! Struggled through the set (mainstage). Bestival: Fun but lairy! Full on, been a while since that sort of thing!

Any big plans for 2014?
Next album, get written and recorded. Go global, put out other artists from my own label.

Illustration: Edd Leigh
Words/Interview: Emily Noaks
Filming: Vic lentaigne