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Review: Night Tales Food and Music Pop-up

Monday 11 November 2013
Words Lizzie

I am meat obsessed, I hate the cold and love a good cocktail – so when I heard about Night Tales, I was sold. The idea of being able to drink, eat meat and listen to decent music whilst under a heated canopy was something I always dreamt about when sitting outside a pub with a numb face and a drink colder than it was when I bought it. So on Thursday night I headed over to Dalston  to check out Night Tales for myself. Unfortunately, it was too good to be true.

The queue was something I would expect if Harry Styles and Directioners crossed paths. To be honest with you, if I hadn’t have had a press ticket I would have turned around and walked away. Bypassing a slightly disheartened crowd I headed to the entrance and walked straight in. Those left behind in the cold became even more infuriated when they finally reached the front to be told they had to pay £3 to get in. The fee isn’t advertised, which I think is pretty cheeky.

There was a great atmosphere – music, heaters, a twinkling canopy and the smell of a BBQ. However I soon realised the venue was absolutely heaving.

photo (7)

I was unable to move. I was surrounded by queues. Drinks were overpriced and some food had already sold-out.

I navigated my way through the crowd, dragging my friend behind me and headed straight to the Mezcal bar where there was enough space to move and breathe. We soon found out why. Cocktails were over £7. I took the plunge and ordered one. It was delicious but It was served in a tiny plastic cup and I  finished it in about 4 sips.

photo 1 (2)Prices were for only the Spirit.

photo 2 (2)Delicious but TINY drinks.

After finishing my ‘short’ drink, I considered food options: Bao London (Hirata buns and nooddles), Patty & Bun (burgers), Smokey Tales (BBQ Meats), Rainbo Food (gyoza specialist) and Le Petit Paris (French cuisine). I could smell BBQ but couldn’t eat it – the queues for Patty & Bun and Smokey Tails were ridiculous. So I headed to Bao London looking forward to my chicken until I found out they had sold out. I opted for a pork bun which was delicious; soft pulled pork oozing with juices and packed with flavours. I then went onto Rainbo Food and ate some tasty gyozas. My spirits were restored.

photo (8)
Bao London Pork Bun = Yum.

But not for long – I wanted another drink but at £4 a pint I felt like I was in Chelsea, not Dalston and yet again, enormous queues. The only thing stopping me from exploding was the music and the fact that I was warm. After finally managing to get a small glass of wine I headed home and felt sorry for the poor people queueing as I left.

Night Tales have got a lot to do to turn something that I deemed a great concept into a success. For starters, they can make it free to enter and reduce drink prices.

Abbot Street car park every Thursday 6pm-11pm, Friday – 6pm-12am and Saturday 3pm-12am until Christmas.

Words: Lizzie Ashby Pure Garcinia Cambogia