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Video: NINA – ‘We Are The Wild Ones’

Monday 25 November 2013

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Singer NINA releases her new single We Are The Wild Ones on November 25.

The artist, who is signed to Aztec Records, has taken a new direction from electro-pop with her sound as the single reveals a more “dream pop” vibe.

The track, that was produced with songwriting duo Hunter As a Horse, is thunderous with a delicate edge. The backing vocals behind the singer’s voice create a ghostly feel as you listen intently, her inviting voice matched with the synthesised beat colliding to form a creepy yet peaceful track. It’s all very mystic and floaty.

NINA can be seen in the music video for the record. She is seen aimlessly wandering around a nightclub, searching for something or someone. The singer then goes into the bathroom to take pills, furthering her distress and habit of being a wanderer… it’s all very confusing, but she looks pretty – so that’s all that matters.

The Berlin-born beauty is no stranger to music. At an age when most of us would be over drinking and…well, mainly drinking, NINA avidly involved herself in classical voice training. This enabled the young aspiring artist to land herself several jobs as a back-up singer for German pop stars.

Not one to be overshadowed, she moved to London and it was here that the singer initially modeled and danced in nightclubs. However, NINA often escaped the buzzing nightlife that central London offered by making appearances in more discrete bars and pubs. It was this decision that resulted in her getting signed as she was approached by a number of producers.

Most pop tracks nowadays are generic and somewhat stereotypical, but NINA offers something different with her spine tingling voice. The track also includes Waste of Love and a couple of remixes of the title track from Pleasure Curses and Alex Zelenka.

Check out her new tracks on her Soundcloud or watch the video below and see if you can make sense of it!

Words: Sarah Mushet