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Sandy Sand: Fibre Artist at The Brick Lane Gallery

Tuesday 19 November 2013

Using a single, barbed needle borrowed from commercial felting machines, Sandy Sand tangles and compacts wool fibers by repeatedly jabbing the needle into the fibres, forming three-dimensional felt sculptures.

‘Stars in Jars,’ Sandy’s debut exhibition, took place at The Brick Lane Gallery in November and played host to a wealth of famous felted faces; from Gandhi to Amy Winehouse, Sandy has immortalised in material those notorious in popular culture.

By displaying the work in jars and frames, the exhibition buy sildenafil over counter also played on how we spectate and ogle the famous, as if they were part of some 19th century freak show or scientific experiment.

There is an originality to her work, which in this day and age is hard to achieve. The unusual medium in which she crafts these sculptures captures the essence of the subject.

For commissions contact: SandySandmaker@gmail.com

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