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Listen: Katie Price & Peter Andre Murder Song Without Autotune

Saturday 30 November 2013
Words Spindle

It’s amazing what technology can do these days: cure cancer, Instagram food, and so on. But nothing comes close to the technological achievement of making the godawful yowling of Katie Price and Peter Andre on the pre-autotuned version of ‘A Whole New World’ sound halfway human.

There are a few ‘raw sound’ vids doing the rounds at the moment, but this one really ranks near the top of the pile. Perhaps it’s because the perception of Peter Andre’s already limited vocal talents are denigrated even further by the revelation of his true nasal drone, but the real gold here – and winner of least surprising revelation in a youtube video, ever – is Katie Price’s utterly incompetent pissed-karaoke style wailing.

It’s got ‘iconic performance’ stamped all over it, and I predict people all over the world buy viagra safely online singing ‘A WHOOOLE NEW WOAH-EEEERLD’ in a Katie’s inimitable style for generations to come.

Trouble is, even the pitch-corrected version that ended up being released as a single ain’t that good, nor is it even convincing as a piece of pop technology magic. What’s sadder to consider is that some poor studio technicians probably worked day and night for several weeks to knock this trainwreck into shape. One can only hope Sony has a comprehensive medical plan for all the therapy those guys are going to need.

Listen for yourself below, and if you make it all the way to the end you’ll be rewarded with possibly the saddest, limpest round of applause you’ve ever heard, courtesy of said studio technicians resignedly anticipating their nervous breakdowns.

Words: Thomas Dearnley-Davison