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Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Wednesday 20 November 2013

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Words Spindle

Who doesn’t love an animal?

Particular merit goes to family dogs with human names (take Tracy, Diane and Helen, for example), and pigeons that you simply stare at when waiting for a bus and wonder…”why?”

But animals weren’t just invented for Buzzfeed; they’re also a stunning muse for photography, showing raw glimpses into natural life away from all of our foolish doings. The Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2013 exhibition, presented in a back room of the fiendishly impressive architecture of The Natural History Museum, celebrates these critters.

You can look at the photos with different levels of maturity; at times I found a frog’s eye plotting, like he saw the new Miley Cyrus before any of us, and even possibly egged her on. A pack of gorillas could easily be taking too many drugs in Vauxhall, and rain-soaked lions just look like ‘DON’T’ should be captioned above them.

But this sense of humor doesn’t stay long due to the strength of the photography that overrides any immaturity. They’re a breathtaking set of images that capture so many emotions, whether of aggression, ambiance or obscurity. The colours and landscape go from a badger in kaleidoscope-blurred surroundings, to elephants by a practically stenciled lake and trees, such is the minimal oriental feel to it. A personal favourite is the Japanese monkey that is seemingly at peace amidst a gothic looking hot spring.

I could go into detail about all of the hidden visions in the photos, so I simply urge you to see the exhibition for yourself!

Words: Charlie Matthews