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The Bloody Lot Cocktail

Christmas Cocktail: The Bloody Lot

Thursday 05 December 2013
Words Spindle

How many times have you walked into a bar, and upon being asked what you’d like, have answered ‘The Bloody Lot’?

Cue much mirthful laughter as you stop being silly and finally order a half of Foster’s. But Foster’s reign of terror is finally coming to an end, and all you have to do is visit The Diner and request The Bloody Lot.

The Bloody Lot, you see, is their fabulous new cocktail. By the looks of it, it truly does come with a bit of everything, and that’s fine by us. Is that a corn on the cob we spy? Whatever, we’ll drink that too.


400ml Blood Shot

180ml Lemon Juice

120ml Pickle Juice

10 Dashes Hot Sauce

8 Dashes Worchester Sauce

5 Pinches Bacon Salt

1 litre of Tomato Juice


Build all in a 2.5 litre jug filled with 6 rocks of cubed ice and stir well. Garnish with celery, hot dog sausage, onion rings, lamb slammer, grilled corn, cheese, pickles, tomatoes, bacon and bacon salt.

The Diner can be found in Soho, Camden, Shoreditch, Islington, Covent Garden, Gloucester Road and Old Spitalfields Market.