Christmas Nukebox: Merry Christmas, Darling – The Carpenters

Having made their name as purveyors of sentimental love songs, it makes sense that The Carpenters had a fairly extensive Christmas-themed collection. 

The best remembered of these is Merry Christmas, Darling, in which Karen wistfully yearns for a cozy Christmas with her lover in the midst of an enforced separation. As she sings ‘I wish I were Christmasing with you’, we reluctantly remind ourselves that Christmas is not a verb, but Karen – as ever – sells the hell out of the sentiment.

As with so many songs in the Nukebox collection, this song is a Christmas classic, but it is unfortunately a melancholy one: hearing Karen sing so beautifully about looking forward to Christmas is utterly tragic in the wake of her death, from anorexia, aged just 32.

But, never mind: enjoy Karen’s performance in this wonderfully 70s’ TV special video.