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derren brown the great art robbery

Derren Brown: The Great Art Robbery

Wednesday 04 December 2013
Words Spindle

The last time Derren Brown was on our screens, he casually created an apocalypse; convincing a poor man, now a delicate shell no doubt, that Dawn of the Dead wasn’t a fucked up fairytale came easily to the modern day mind-magician.

However, this time around he’s recruited an even more ruthless, dangerous and downright dirty set of accomplices for a new project…OAPs.

The task: effortlessly steal a painting from an exhibition worth £100,000. If anyone can do it, Nan can (#nancan).

There’s immediately something refreshing in this new Dezza direction. Directing his method of magic away from shock-value grounds, his new emphasis is on facilitating other people’s experiences. And in the context of Gran, why should the older generation be exempt from this?

It’s hard to detail the show for your TV tastebuds without revealing the escapades and success rate of the steal. But I can confirm that there’ll be rebellion, resilience, and a sense of humour that goes deeper than the dark arts to a place altogether quite inspiring.

Not to say that theft is encouraged, as that would be illegal, and Spindle is a proud member of the neighbourhood watch. But Dezza, you continue to push the boundaries of the headspace, and hallucinating in this sense is a pure pleasure.

Friday 13th, 9pm on Channel 4

Words: Charlie Matthews