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Spindle’s Hangover Music Picks

Tuesday 31 December 2013

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Thumping head and feelings of deep, deep regret this New Year’s Day? Fear not – we won’t judge you. Let us soothe the pain of New Year’s angst with some lovely music to keep you all warm and snuggly throughout this difficult day.

Madonna – Immaculate Collection
Madonna at her most deliciously infectious best, The Immaculate Collection ranks alongside Beatles’ No. 1’s and Abba Gold as the best compilation of all time. Featuring the cream of Madge’s early years, and arguably featuring most of her best work, let the delightful 80s dance strains of Holiday and Into The Groove be the background to your hangover. And for moments of deep spiritual fear, turn on Like A Prayer and fall to your knees.

The Velvet Underground & Nico – Sunday Morning
Twinkling like the first beads of sunlight through the curtain before your raging headache strikes, Velvet Underground & Nico lull you into just making it through the day by telling you “There’s always someone around you who will call”.

Bette Midler – I Shall Be Released
This song should possibly be subtitled ‘from this hangover’; while not exactly easy on the ears, hearing Bette scream out this song of freedom and survival while flailing around, almost crying and reaching into the darkness beyond the stage will propel you through the day and compel you to survive. Fun fact: the vid below is filmed in a gay bathhouse. If Bette can manage, so can you.

Classic FM
Soothing. Wordless. Classic. While extremely emotive, anything playing on Classic FM will calm you down and gently whisper away that headache – especially if Mylene Klass is DJ-ing.

John Cage – 4’33
What’s more perfect for a hangover than complete silence? That, dear reader, is precisely what John Cage’s groundbreaking piece offers. Hilariously, there’s also a tonne of videos on youtube featuring the ‘song’.

Words: Thomas Dearnley-Davison