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out with dad season 3

Kate Conway Talks Out With Dad Season Three

Saturday 07 December 2013

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Hit web show Out With Dad returns for its third season and will be posting new episodes every day!

If you haven’t heard of the show, it concerns teenage Rose (Kate Conway) and her single father Nathan (Jonathan Robbins) as they both deal with Rose coming of age and coming out. We spoke to star of the show Kate Conway about what to expect from this season:

Season three is here, congrats! Remind us where we were at the end of season 2:

THANK YOU! In season 2, Rose has come out to her dad and Kenny. Rose’s dad accidentally outs Rose to Vanessa’s mom and Vanessa is now forbidden to hang out with Rose. During all this, Rose meets a new girl, Claire, and discovers she is also a lesbian after seeing her at a PFLAG meeting. They begin hanging out and eventually Claire asks Rose why she is torturing herself by hanging on to memories of Vanessa. After a very troubling dream in which Rose switches from kissing one girl to the other, she wakes and makes a decision to symbolically remove Vanessa from her mind by throwing away all their old photos.

And what are the main challenges facing Rose this season?

Well obviously the main challenge is how she is going to go about the next few years of her life. She has already come out to important friends and family who support her. However, others like Vanessa’s family have not embraced her with open arms. Being an “out” person is going to be her main hurdle. She is also struggling with her feelings for Vanessa, whom she can’t be with, and the guilt she has for being attracted to Claire. Without giving too much away, fans should also look forward to the show addressing the issues of bullying, bi-phobia, trans-phobia and other issues that deeply effect LGBTQ teens and their parents. It’s a VERY meaty season.

What new and exciting locations/stunts/guest stars are coming up?

Now here’s where I say “Spoiler Alert” and spill all the very exciting beans. After which, creator Jason Leaver commences never speaking to me again. So maybe I should think about what I say. In terms of locations, we’re still all about Toronto. We filmed on location many places around town that will hopefully lead to an “Out with Dad Walking Tour” that starts on Toronto Island and ends at Montgomery’s Inn in Etobicoke. Bring comfy shoes.

In terms of stunts and guests stars, here’s where I shut my mouth. All I can say is this season is the most ambitious yet. It’s going to look like we had a million dollar budget. We didn’t. We were just lucky to have million dollar brains on hand. The production crew and cast took Jason’s brilliant ideas and writing and brought them to life in a way that will blow your mind. We are all so proud of what we accomplished. So you’ll just have to wait and see.

You’ve been doing OWD for a while now, what’s it like moving into the third season of a show?

It’s been wonderful and heartbreaking at the same time. Wonderful in the sense that we’ve become such a family. We’ve been at this for 4 years now and I remember how nervous I was being around the cast and crew for the first time. After season one premiered, I got my first of several negative (and a few downright mean) reviews. I honestly thought I’d be recast. Flash forward 4 years, and I get messages from people thanking me for being a part of this show. So doing season 3 was thrilling because I’d both get to spend days on set with my favourite people in the world, doing what I love for an audience that is both going to enjoy it and benefit from it.

Now the heartbreaking part. We (and I’m confidently speaking for the majority of cast and crew here) would LOVE to keep making more seasons of the show. But the last day of filming was tough because it felt a little like it was over. Fortunately, it was a crying scene so me and the other actors just let the tears fly. Even some crew had “something in both of their eyes”. We all still hangout and even work on other projects together. But it’s not the same as those days on set shooting the little webseries that could. Should a big chuck of money get thrown at us for season 4, it’s likely. But the people involved in this show have big dreams of their own that they are currently working their asses off to achieve. Not me though. I’m currently in McD’s stealing their WiFi and working towards that free medium coffee you get after buying 7. I’m only 2 away!!!

What has been your favourite scene to film in season 1 and 2?

Like I said, in season 1, I was a bucket of nerves. All of the talent and hard work on set was very intimidating. The movie theatre scene was scheduled to be a mostly overnight shoot that ended up being a total all-nighter. It was also the first time I would act using a green screen. AMAZING learning experience for an actor. Even as time ticked by and we all got sleepier and sleepier, the cast and crew never lost their sense of humour. And the drive home the next morning felt epic to me. A whole bunch of us crammed into one car. I felt like I had shown these amazing people that actress Kate could deliver. I felt like they trusted me. Most importantly, I felt like they liked me. I was on cloud 9.

For season 2, I would have to say the PFLAG episodes. We used real stories submitted by fans and they were incredible. The stories were not included into the cast’s episode script because Jason wanted real reactions from us. It gave the cast and crew a deeper sense of why we were making this show. There are real people out there struggling with sad, scary and in some cases dangerous situations. A lot of fans say they feel like they connect to the show. It’s honestly a pleasure for me to feel like I can connect with the fans.

The LGBT rights campaign is a hot topic right now – is this something you’re very conscious of or are you guys just trying to tell a great story?

It’s both. The story initially came out of Jason pondering what struggles he would face if he ever raised a daughter on his own. Then the LGBT angle just snowballed from there. Once it was decided that there would be an LGBT angle, Jason made sure to do all his research. Because this is such an important issue, we always want to make sure we are doing it justice. If this show helps just one person feel less alone, we’ve done an incredible thing.

What storyline would you love to see on the show in the future?

Hmm I don’t know. Any idea I have would probably just be something I’m subconsciously regurgitating from watching too much TV. So maybe Nathan and a highschool student start cooking meth. Then we flash forward 20 years to Rose telling her 2 kids the story of how she met their mother. Oh, and zombies. People LOVE zombies!

Is there an endpoint for OWD? Or are you guys going to carry right on?

Like I said before, we would love to, but the issue is money. Jason has a lot of really great ideas in the works for other projects and the cast and crew are currently building their very impressive resumes. If we are going to press pause on all those other things, we need a legit series budget. So it remains to be seen. We are hoping that fans will be so impressed with season 3 that they will help us promote the heck out of it so mainstream media can’t ignore it. Once we’re one EVERYONE’S radar, the possibilities are endless.

TL;DR : Who knows!

When and where can we catch upcoming episodes of OWD?

outwithdad.com and youtube.com/outwithdad. Other sites will be hosting the show, but I’m not entirely sure which ones. So just stick with those for now. And keep up with any news we have via Facebook and Twitter. The first episode is premiering Friday December 6th, 2013! And keep watching because that week we will be premiering a new episode daily.

Thanks Kate! Check out the first few Out With Dad episodes below, and for more gossip from Kate Conway you can check out our Unravelled Podcast.