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Position of the Week: The Side Split Squat

Thursday 05 December 2013
Words Spindle

Get down and dirty for this position that is basically slut-dropping.

The Side Split Squat
One for the thighs! You can use dumbbells instead of a bar if you prefer, or perform without weights if the movement is already sufficiently challenging.

1. Place a barbell on the back of your shoulders, holding the bar on each side.
2. Stand with your feet twice shoulder-width apart, the foot of your lead leg angled out to side.
3. Lower your body to the side of your angled foot by bending knee and hip of your lead leg while keeping opposite leg slightly bent.
4. Return to the start position by the extending hip and knee of your lead leg.
5. Keep the movement slow and controlled throughout.
6. Perform 3 sets of 8-12 reps per side.
7. Once you’re 100% confident with the movement, use a weight that challenges you enough so that you can only manage 8-12 reps per side.

Position text: Charli Cohen
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Illustration: Daniel Jamie Williams