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Spindle’s Hangover Movie Picks

Tuesday 31 December 2013
Words Spindle

On this most gruesome of hungover days, we all just need to lie back and watch something lovely on the sofa. Here’s our picks for the most soothing movies that can help you get through the day:

We all regress when we’re hungover, so curl up in the foetal position and be transported back to your childhood with this kids’ classic. Bright colours, mild peril, Robin Williams, and frankly an Oscar-worthy performance from Dustin Hoffman as the eponymous pirate. Perfect. Fun fact: look out for Glenn Close as a pirate. In the movie, obviously, not at your local Sainsbury’s.

The Devil Wears Prada
This movie is like a delicious soup with all the best ingredients you need to get through a hangover: Meryl, lovely clothes, witty dialogue, a plot that zips along, AND it’s not a crappy chick flick by any means – both Meryl and the costumes were nominated for Oscars.

Notes On A Scandal
Okay, so it’s hardly the snuggly blanket you need when you feel like death, but hear me out: I always found overly happy movies to be extremely upsetting whilst hungover. The laughter track on Friends in particular gave me the fear, so I resorted to Notes On A Scandal for the antidote. This delicious melodrama will have you gripped with a plot so absurd you couldn’t possibly actually be scared by it: perfect.

Is this the best comedy of all time? Yes. Hilarious, suspenseful, satirical, scary and just an all-round good time, this story of ghosties lurking in Sigourney Weaver’s fridge is a bona fide feel-good classic – especially when you start to realise the fridge is the least of Bill Murray’s worries. Still, Sigourney was probably just glad to have a break from fighting Xenomorphs.

Sister Act
The ingenious tale of a lounge singer who has to go undercover in a convent is not only a neat dramatic setup for a thriller, but when she is instructed to lead the ragtag choir to Papal-concert glory, the fun really kicks in. Whoopi shines here in a role originally written for Bette Midler, but seeing Whoopi’s streetwise showgirl/nun going toe to toe with Maggie Smith’s prim and proper Mother Superior is simply delightful.

Sister Act 2: Back In The Habit
As if we’d leave this one out! The sequel reunites Whoopi with the nuns who are now running a failing inner city school. Containing possibly the least threatening street punks in the history of film such as Lauryn Hill and Jennifer Love Hewitt, this tale of triumph of the will over circumstance is an inspiring singalong classic.

The Hangover
…yeah, I guess we had to. We’re pretty sure our readers aren’t frat-boy idiots, but if there are any of you out there, then go ahead and knock yourselves out laughing at the antics of The Hangover. Something to do with a tiger? Ugh, I don’t remember.

Words: Thomas Dearnley-Davison