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Spindle’s Hangover TV Picks

Tuesday 31 December 2013

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Words Spindle

Seeing as most hangovers find us lying back and letting the world wash over us, so hangover television choices should be bright, colourful and unchallenging. Here’s our picks for those of you glued to the sofa feeling worse for wear.

Come Dine With Me
Always the go-to. Always playing on More4. And always available on 4OD. It’s the availability coupled with the knowledge of exactly what you’re getting that makes this such a winner: people making tits of themselves in a particularly British low-stakes manner while cooking some potentially lovely food is a win for the hungover telly watcher. Note from the wise: make sure you have crisps or pizza on hand throughout.


30 Rock
Simply one of the smartest and most hilarious sitcoms of all time as well as being perfect for marathoning 13 episodes in a row, Tina Fey’s behind the scenes televisual tale is ideal for any hungover day. Ably matched by chucklesome tyrant Alec Baldwin, 30 Rock truly is TV magic – and it’s all on Netflix. US Netflix anyway. You know how to get that, right…?


Parks & Recreation
A hidden gem that hasn’t quite exploded in popularity in the UK in the way it should, Parks & Rec is the perfect accompaniment to 30 Rock while also providing a counterpoint. Headed by the pitch perfect Amy Poehler, this tale of a rural city council’s inner workings features a lot of reassuring, good-natured characters getting into sticky situations. Kind of like 30 Rock, except everyone’s really, really nice: ideal for soothing that hangover.


Grand Designs/ Property Ladder/anything with Kirstie n’ Phil
Because we’re British and we fucking love snooping round other people’s houses. Seriously, what is the national obssession with house prices? Whatever. Lie back and take a tour of homes that are definitely much nicer than yours – especially because right now your house is probably covered in piss and vomit and there’s a dead hooker in the bathtub. Happy New Year!