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whatever this is episode 6 broke

Whatever this is. Episode 6 ‘Broke’

Tuesday 17 December 2013

Everything comes to a head in the season finale of Whatever this is. as each of our characters comes to a crossroads in their lives.

You’ll be glad to hear our put-upon production assistants Sam (Hunter Canning) and Ari (Dylan Marron) are back filming for the Real Housewives-style show we came across in the pilot, while also dealing with the fact that their apartment has been burgled and their rent money stolen.

This forces Lisa (Madeline Wise) to pony up the dough she made at the foot fetish party last week, which exposes some serious flaws under the surface of her and Sam’s relationship. It never rains, but it pours, eh?

Surprisingly, Whatever this is. cleverly finds a way to shift its tone away from Girls-esque existential angst and more towards Mad Men’s lofty wheeling and dealing, with Sam as a proto-Don Draper. The two climactic scenes sees some real development for our central characters, leaving us with a gripping cliffhanger that nicely sets up season 2.

Wait, what? Will there even be a season 2?! There’s no word as yet, but on behalf of Earth’s inhabitants I can safely say “there better fucking be.”

Check out the finale below, and catch up on previous episodes of Whatever this is. while you’re at it.

Whatever this is. • Broke from Rascal Department on Vimeo.