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burns night netil house

Join Us For The Burns’ Night Hootenanny at Netil House!

Thursday 16 January 2014

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Words Spindle

Ah, Burns’ Night. One of many special nights of the year where your English Professor father and Gender Studies Teacher mother would invite all of their menopausal friends round, crack open the red wine and sit cross-legged on the floor reciting the poetry of the great Robert Burns.

Well, not for me – my parents were more into Dan Brown – but if you’d like to celebrate Burns’ Night while not under duress from your English teacher, Netil House are serving up the perfect answer with their Burns’ Night Hootenanny.

Come and revel in all things Scottish with a three course menu that includes haggis and neeps n’ tatties, as well as a mobile cocktail bar set on the back of a motorized trike – surely worth the price of admission alone. There will also be Highland games, so you too can learn to become a tosser. A caber tosser, of course.

And, by God, there will be dancing:  a lively ceilidh band will provide a rollocking Scottish soundtrack, and preceding this there will be ceilidh dance lessons at Grannie Mac’s Highland Fancy Dance School so you can learn to hoof it as well as Sean Connery. Who I assume loves a bit of Scottish dancing. Because he’s Scottish, so…

…so get your tickets now! They’re on sale for £35 and that includes a three course meal, Scottish dancing and highland games. See you there for the best Celtic entertainment on offer in the capital this Burns’ Night! Find out more at Netil House.

netilhouse.com // @NetilHouse