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Introducing: El Born

Wednesday 15 January 2014

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In a year where R&Bhip-hop, and electronic pop are all being tipped to prevail, it’s refreshing to come across a band who are sticking to their guns, writing heartfelt, powerful, and irresistibly catchy guitar music. Enter, El Born.

Presently residing in London, El Born are something of an anomaly in the current musical climate. They’re staying well clear of image stereotypes, and instead, are concentrating on being a wildly impressive live act, and writing music that refuses to be forgotten.

On the first listen of the band’s forthcoming EP “Kangaroo”, you’d be forgiven for thinking this is another landfill alternative rock band, that’ll be instantly brushed aside. But then comes the second listen of the EP, and something begins to take hold. You might then leave the EP for a day, but I can guarantee you, you’ll find yourself feeling like something inside you is missing, something very important, like a lost love. I can personally vouch for this strange phenomenon.

On lead single “1982”, frontman and head-songwriter Si Connelly gives a superlative vocal performance, perhaps the finest I’ve heard on a track in the past year. Over the course of the 5 and a half minutes, Connelly displays an incredible vocal range, teamed with keyboardist and vocalist Hils Granger’s delicate vocal harmonies and classically infused keyboard fills, “1982” is a song that is completely unforgettable. With a little bit of help from Coldplay’s Chris Martin (he personally recommended the track on Coldplay’s blog), and a sync on TV drama ‘Monroe’, El Born saw the track soar into the top 20 on iTunes, further validating the undeniable appeal for the rising duo.

Title track “Kangaroo” is a somewhat different affair, with the band giving nods to the likes of Ryan Adams and Jack White, whilst maintaining their unashamedly pop-rooted alternative rock sound, complimented by a charming animated video, which can be viewed below.

From a neutral standpoint, El Born are a band that you’ll be inclined to disregard, but do so at your own peril, because my oh my, they are something quite special.

The “Kangaroo” EP is set for release on Feb 10th, and you can catch the band play tonight at Notting Hill Arts Club with fellow Londoners Younghusband.

Words: Joly Checketts

Image: Nathan Pask