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Introducing: Tycho

Wednesday 29 January 2014

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With their second album ‘Awake’ set for release in March and a set of European tour dates released for Spring, it appears 2014 is going to be a big year for Tycho.

For nearly a decade Tycho has been recognised under the musical alias of Scott Hansen, but with the release of Tycho’s second LP for Ghostly International, the once solo project has evolved into a three-piece band. Having previously only had accompaniment at live events, the permanent addition of guitarist Zac Brown and Rory O’ Connor on drums has seen Tycho evolve. It was Rory’s live drumming, in fact, which ultimately sent Hansen back to the studio with a more precise vision for the future Tycho: ‘After the tour, I decided that I wanted to capture the more energetic, driven sound of the live show on the next album,’ Hansen explained.

By bringing musicians into the creative process, Hansen was able to advance the project beyond its initial incarnation, thus reaching an entirely new realm of sonic possibilities – demonstrated in Tycho’s forthcoming album. ‘Awake’ is situated in the present, reaching Hansen’s vision of Tycho like never before. Swirling melodies are blended into triumphant arcs that crisscross between stuttering beats and vocal samples. It’s raw, powerful electronic music. “This is, in many ways, the first true Tycho record,” Hansen said. ‘Awake’ is the product of three like-minded people coming together where music becomes the sole purpose and true expression becomes the result.

So what can we expect? The recently revealed track, ‘Montana’, offers us a glimpse of multi-layered cascading tones, with a percussive undercurrent, both upbeat and uplifting, whilst lead track ‘Awake’ possesses a softer rhythm, layered with Zac Brown’s distinctive guitar melody. It is safe to say that ‘Montana’ and ‘Awake’ perfectly exemplify the new sound of Tycho. We eagerly await their next move.

Tycho are set to play a series of European tour dates this Spring, to include a London show at Oval Space, March 26th; the second LP “Awake” is set for release March 17th, and you can also pre-order it.

tycho.com // @ISO50

Words: Brooke McCord