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luca michele

Introducing: Fashion Label Luca Michele

Thursday 16 January 2014
Words Spindle

Fresh design talent has emerged from Italy in the form of two brothers; Luca and Michele. Their creations are sophisticated and glamourous to accentuate the beauty of a powerful, modern woman.

The new Luca Michele S/S14 collection combines deconstructive techniques with a strong source of inspiration that focuses on the growing importance of technology in society and the materialistic attitudes of consumers globally. With flashes of cobalt blue, coral and mint throughout each design this collection feels exciting and contemporary mixing sportswear features with sheer panels to flatter the female figure and make it a truly unmissable spectacle.

We caught up with the gents to quiz them on fashion, future plans and their ideal customer…

What made you choose to enter the fashion industry? 

Luca: I think it just came naturally. I always liked to modify my own clothing and make my own things since I was a teenager. At that time I was studying fine art and was fascinated by the different styles that people were wearing at the time. When I was at University in Italy I was studying graphic design and I realized it wasn’t really my thing. I then worked for a year in a boutique that was selling the most important fashion labels, then I started to think about moving to London to study fashion. I realized that this was where I could embrace my creative interests the most.

Michele: We have always been fascinated about the fashion industry and our background started with creative interests which is why the fashion industry attracts us to be part of the ever changing evolution of society and ideas. I decided to work in fashion during my early twenties, after that there was a natural progression enrolling in a fashion university and opening our label. I like every aspect of the industry from the fabric research to dealing with the buyers.

 What is it like to work so closely with family?

Luca/Michele: For us it is natural, we grew up together and have always been close. We are like-minded, sharing a strong interest and understanding in business and combining this with our mutual passion in designing. Our loyalty to our work and each other has been the foundation of our label. The advantages of working as business partners and being family is that tasks are equally divided between us. We are actively involved in every step of the creative process from start to finish. These tasks consist of combining our research, ideas, sourcing fabric and design techniques to the smallest detail. Having both our creative ideas fused together keeps the ideas fresh and new. We work well as a team because we work closely alongside each other with all aspects of the design process with complete trust in each other’s influence in every step of the label.

Luca Michele 3

What was the difference between studying in London (Luca) and studying in Italy (Michele)? 

Luca: They were two completely different ways of teaching. In Kingston it was more about contemporary design, research, illustration and making process.

Michele: At the Machina Institute it was more about the history of fashion and as well as design.

Do you think that interning under the wing of some great designer helped you to develop your own skills? 

Luca: Yes, of course, being a part of a great designers’ studio meant we were a part of various dynamics in the workplace and has given us the idea of how a studio should run. However, for completely understanding it, it is trial and error and learning as you grow.

Michele: Obviously working for other designers helped me to understand how to run a studio and improve my knowledge in pattern making and fabrics.

Luca Michele 2

How did technology influence your latest collection? Where do you get your  inspiration from?

Luca: I have always been obsessed by technology. In our SS14 collection we were inspired by technology that reflects on the changes occurring in recent years with the rise of consumerism, which leads people to seek happiness in objects combined with materialistic spiral of obtaining new and best is fascinating of the environment we now live in.

Michele: I am inspired by technological changes occurring in recent years with consumerism. Our generation seeks happiness in objects and the constant technological adaption is intriguing .This process is a constant dependence and influence of new forms and shapes. I get my inspiration from artists mainly but I can get inspiration from anything Interesting.  Each collection is inspired by different influences however, personally I get inspiration almost from anything really, from people in the street to a painting in a museum.

Can you sum up your S/S14 collection in three words?

Modern, Sporty, Clean.

Describe the woman that wears your clothes. What is she like?

We would like to see Luca Michele worn by strong fashion conscious modern women, who are powerful, confident, sporty and glamorous all at the same time whilst comfortable in the clothes with a twist of edgy style.

Luca Michele 1

What do you consider to be your greatest success so far?

Luca/Michele: It has been a mix of many aspects, however showing the designs on the runway at Graduate Fashion Week 2013 and Marie Claire Fashion Days 2013 runway in Budapest have both been great opportunities for our label. Marie Claire Hungary featured a design of ours in the magazine following the show which was an important stepping stone for LUCA MICHELE womenswear.

Where do you hope to go with your careers?

Luca: We would like to build a strong brand, recognisable for the silhouette and the quality of the clothing. We would also like to move forward and show on a catwalk so it can reach out to women around the world. It would be great to open a standalone store at one point in the future. The plans are always growing.

Are there any exciting things happening in the future of Luca Michele for us to look out for? 

Luca/Michele: We are currently working towards the AW14 collection and are very excited about it.

What item of clothing do you feel is essential for every woman to have in their wardrobe?

Luca: An item that is of exceptional quality, versatile and with an interesting design.

Michele: I think a beautifully made dress is essential in a woman’s wardrobe.

Words: Becky Wood

lucamichele.com // @_LUCAMICHELE_