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Nerina Pallot Releases ‘The Hold Tight’ EP

Wednesday 22 January 2014
Words Spindle

Nerina Pallot is due to release her new EP ‘The Hold Tight’ January 27th.

The Jersey born singer-songwriter plans to release a new 12 EP’s throughout 2014 – a new one being unveiled on the final Monday of each month.

This alone will no doubt create a busy schedule for the artist, but Nerina plans to perform at least once a month in various venues across the UK and Ireland during the upcoming year. The first of many shows to follow begins January 24th at the St Pancras Old Church, London before the artist will go on to perform in Yorkshire at the Nunnington Hall on February 15th-16th.

After the 12 EP’s are released and all shows are completed, you’d expect Nerina to book herself into a spa hotel for at least 6 months – but instead the singer intends to debut an album consisting of the most popular tracks from each EP as well as an entirely new album.

It is clear that the Brit and Ivor Novello Award nominee is determined to make a mark in the music industry this year, which – by the sounds of her jam-packed year so far and fantastic new EP- is more than likely to happen.

The Hold Tight is made up of 5 tracks, each telling an apt story through vivd lyrics and simplistic chords. By having a minimalistic approach to the number of instruments used across the EP, the listener is able to appreciate the beautiful voice of Nerina and develop a better understanding of the meaning behind each track without being distracted by the clashing of drums or robotic synths.

This Year’s Model is one of the tracks off the the EP, a record that is extremely stripped back and has a strong vocal orientation. The artists voice is soft and soothing without any struggle which highlights Nerina’s natural abilities as a singer. The song itself sounds like it’s something out of 500 days of Summer (perhaps during the more lovey-dovey half of the film), as it fits in with the quirky soundtrack that included the likes of Regina Spektor.

But the artist shows a lot of variation in sound, with the song Hard Equation having a more rocky edge to it. By doing this, it proves to listeners that Nerina is able to break away from the theatrical sound of her piano and take aspects of several genres into one track whilst still maintaining her unique sound.

Though the use of piano is never far away, it makes a change from the ever growing cliche sound of auto-tuned pop produced by many female artists today. The EP is full of romance and tales, each track brightening your mood and making the weight of the world feel a little bit lighter as your lose yourself in her serene voice.

By preventing herself from being associated with this predictability surrounding music, Nerina is in the running for making a strong stance for herself in the industry.

nerinapallot.com // @ladychatterley

Words: Sarah Mushet