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New Year’s Beauty Resolutions – Stop With The Sponges!

Tuesday 14 January 2014

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Continuing the New Year Beauty Resolutions we suggest you chuck out your beauty sponges in exchange for some nice new brushes… and why you ask?… 

2. Stop with the Sponges

Sponges. I’m not here to lecture, but…

Let’s look at the pros and cons of the everyday makeup sponge.  Pros – They’re pretty quick, they slap everything on in 10 nano seconds and, well, they’re cheap – easily replaceable.

Now let me take you through the cons.  First of all, despite being easily replaceable, most people don’t bother to replace them. Sponges just get reused day in-day out, covered in yesterday’s face paste until they eventually wither into a sad little spongey sack of germs.

You’re probably travelling around with unwashed hands, dipping into your compact now and again to touch up; all that dead skin, oil and old makeup collecting with the day to day germs you’re meeting along the way – making for the perfect breeding ground for some pretty nasty things. Your seemingly harmless makeup applicator has effectively become a bacteria-ridden, smelly little acne wipe and you can kiss all your attempts to create a flawless skin goodbye as clogged oil and dirt will manifest into a spotty face or worse!

Unwashed sponges can spread impetigo, e-coli, ringworm, herpes and other harmful bacteria. As if this isn’t enough to have you marching down to your nearest Mac, there’s another matter to address – you may as well buy another bottle of foundation to go as the sponge soaks up a huge percentage of product which could have been spared had brushes been used – so more expense in the long run!

A recent article in the Daily Mail found that 72% of women don’t wash their sponges or brushes. Stop being lazy and throw away those sponges! Invest in some good quality brushes and make sure you wash them regularly with a mild shampoo to keep dirt at bay – or you may face some of these guys hanging around you this year.


Words: Tabby Casto

Illustration: Dom & Ink