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New Year’s Beauty Resolutions – Throw It Out!

Tuesday 07 January 2014
Words Spindle

Yes yes, we’re sick of all the New Years resolution malarkey too. But we couldn’t resist giving you a little something achievable and by the way you’ve been partying this season your skin will thank you!  We’re talking Beauty Resolutions. Each week this month we will bring you one new resolution. Get ready to sort through your dirty little makeup bag, change up your look and greet 2014 with your best face forward *literally*.

1. Throw away those expired Mascaras, Foundations & Powders

If not for your makeup bag, for your skin. Once a product has reached its shelf life, the bacteria killing ingredients stop working. You’re opening your skin up to all kinds of acne causing problems. Best to not risk it!

Here’s a guide to how long each product will last and if you’re not sure about something check for the symbol on the back of the product – which buy viagra kamagra will give you a clear indication (it looks like a tiny pot with a lid open and a number like 24m next to it).  Make sure you keep an eye on these dates as once they’re out of date they’re not safe!

Mascara : Replace every 3 months or risk infection from bacteria breeding in the tube!

Foundation :  This should last about 2 years – you’ll probably get through this before it goes off.

Powders : Powders are more resilient than liquids and creams but still go off – most last 2 years.

Lipstick : 2 years if that – smell is a good indicator with these!

Eyeshadow : 2 years – Just because it doesn’t smell off doesn’t mean its okay.

Nail Polish : 30 months

Perfume : 5 years thanks to it’s preserving alcohol

Now you have the perfect excuse to go makeup shopping! (As if you needed one.)

Words: Tabby Casto

Illustration: Dom & Ink