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glyn famous sink the pink

From The Gutter Up – Glyn Famous Tells Us About His Week

Tuesday 18 February 2014
Words Spindle

Have you ever had gastric flu? Well I can tell you that it is NOT conducive to a week full of fun, glamour and fashion! So my first week writing my new glorious article for my family at Spindle and I spend it in bed crying about how I am going to die…alone! Oh the glamour!

So there will be NO Kylie Minogue Karaoke, where I missed out on a duet. There will be NO London cabaret awards to see my amazing kweeeens at gay bingo pick up an award, there will be NO James Wolf gig wearing my best fan girl tee, there will be NOTHING! JUST SHIT!


On that note, for those of you that have never met me I guess I should move away from my Camilla Parked her Bowels for a moment and introduce myself politely. I am Glyn Famous, party monster, gutter dragger, kween of the night, I run a party called Sink the Pink and am an occasional pop star and socialite – but poor and without Daddy’s Amex. Most importantly I am going to take you through the colossal camp Kaleidoscope of colour I call my life and I’m going to tell you EVERYTHING!

Anyway, back to the week. At this point I really did think that I may have to paint my walls brown, but then JOY – the fountain dried up, yippee! I WILL get to go the ball, and what a ball it was. The Dutch centre, Saturday afternoon and I was walking around in clown shoes with Noel Fielding as we had been asked to walk in the genius designer Bas Kosters’ show. I have known Bas for a while and he is one of the most inspiring and insane people I know. The show, entitled Clowns Have Feelings Too was nothing short of magical – trannies giving birth to clowns on stage, a line-up of ANTI Models that varied from hot twin DJs, club kids, naked clowns, fellow designers and Bas himself wearing, in his words, “the cheapest weave ever”! More importantly, the show highlighted that he’s up there as my favourite designer!


Sunday is a day for rest, church, TV…well fuck all that, I spent 9 hours in a basement shooting with my Sink The Pink family. I think an award should be given to anyone that can get 6 creatures of the night to a shoot that early, but once again it proves my theory – a show off will NEVER miss out on a chance to show off! My look of the day was my sister witch, Jonbenet Blonde – eternally timeless, no one touches her, she IS fashion!


Right, it’s nearly time to get back out there and take on a new week without the risk of bowel failure and skidding down a catwalk. It’s a nuts one this week with Miss Jodie Harsh’s birthday party, an anti-fashion dinner where I am still unsure if I am actually invited or just the waiter, a gig at Canterbury Uni (MUST bag student) and I’m performing in Liverpool…all this and I may even try and fit in a manny wax!

Oooooooh one other thing, do help me get a top 86 hit, are you a lover of homosexuality? I am! See you next week.

Glyn Famous – Homosexuality by Sink The Pink on Mixcloud