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Introducing: MVSCLES

Wednesday 19 February 2014

The Boston duo MVSCLES have produced an electric potion of sing along tracks fit for a camp fire in outer space and have now released their new track, ‘Somethin’.

Under a warm blanket of dual-vocal harmonies, MVSCLES was born when Chad & Cat self-released their first song ‘Sweet n Sour’ on Soundcloud.com back in June 2012. A shimmering burst of sunshine electro-pop, within a week, the booming nursery-rhyme had amassed over 40,000 plays, reaching #1 on Hype Machine. Think dreamy synth lines, thundering drums and a cacophony of psychedelic alien noises, which all somehow reside in perfect equilibrium.

After releasing their follow-up track, the pop-anthemic ‘Where You Are’, MVSCLES signed a record deal that kept them from releasing new music for over a year. Now freed from record label purgatory, the duo have returned with more pizzazz, fire and excitement than ever before with their latest track ‘Somethin’, taken from their forthcoming debut album. If you’re a sucker for addictive melodies, hypnotizing grooves and sounds that teleport you to another dimension, then take a ride into MVSCLES kaleidoscopic world, full of quirks and surprises.

Yours Truly have premiered the video to ‘Somethin’ which has picked up over 90,000 plays over the past few weeks. The video is deeply sentimental to the band as the bulk of the footage was actually shot by Chad’s Great-Grandfather, featuring snowy landscapes, Hurricane Ridge and more. ‘The music video for ‘Somethin’ has been in the making for over 50 years’, says Chad. ‘Back in 2011, before MVSCLES, my grandpa shared this beautiful footage from the 1960s with Cat and I. He had converted it from 8mm film to VHS. When I mentioned that I’d love to use it for music one day, he converted it to DVD right away (age 84!).’ This footage was then edited and used for the video. ‘We shared it with Grandpa & Grandma Montermini. We guided them on the phone to view it privately online, so we heard their initial reaction; lots of laughter’, says Chad. ‘That made us happy’. Check the video out below and head to the MVSCLES Soudcloud for the rest of their tracks.

Words: Brooke McCord