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LFW AW14 Makeup & Hair Trends – Day Two

Sunday 16 February 2014

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Here we go! Day two of #LFW and I am seeing a similar trend emerging. BIG beehive hair and extreme hi-lighted skin and contouring – we all need to grow our hair and buy a backbrush to achieve the height in hair going down the runway.

Zeynep Kartal models all had smooth front tiny little plaits from centre parting running over the ear and rough pinned into the back of high, high backcombed beehive hair, which was left long and hanging at the back.


Again the skin was flawless with very hi lighted cheekbones; the eyes were very simple with a soft flesh tone socket and very hi lighted under the brow bone, with a heavy brow.

The lips were to DIE FOR with a black out line in the outer corners of the lips fading into a dark cherry red…mmm…

 zeynep 2

The emerging trend for makeup was evident for Bernard Chandran. The key words for this were beige on beige and flawless skin. Not my favourite colour, but wow did it look good on the models.

bernard 1

I talked with an artist backstage and found out the makeup plan: the brief was FLAWLESS nude skin, so foundations were used to highlight and contour. The contouring was very strong and no blusher, no eye colour, no liner or mascara were used to complete the nude look. The only colour was a very pale pink lipstick.

bernard 2

The hair was a half head slightly back combed top into a ponytail which then was clasped into another ponytail and tucked into the back of the loose hair.

bernard 3

LAN made Belle Sauvage girls look incredible.

belle 1

They looked very doll-like with white kohl all around the eye top and bottom with body shop sugar gaze eyeshadow over the top, loads and loads of mascara and I saw false lashes! Again, the thick eyebrow and flawless highlighted skin.

 belle 2

The lips were to die for, a very pointy top lip with Rosie Red 125 colour crush lipstick with a crush mint gloss over the top so the lips almost looked like blood.

belle 3

The treat of the day for me was Jasper Garvida. This genius had sumptuous treats for our eyes with his collection, as well as the hair and makeup. The show started with a flamenco guitarist and dancer to get us in the mood for his collection inspired by Spanish style, fabrics and colours. Jaw-droppingly beautiful, the makeup had a definite expensive Spanish feel to it. The skin was so moisturised it looked deliberately “wet” and the eyebrows were a heavy flat Spanish shape. There were two male models and even they had strong “wet” foundation. I went backstage and asked key artist Jairo Dual his runway secrets.

jasper 1

The skin was about layering with luminous and shiny products, moisture topped with NARS aqua gel luminous mask all over the skin, and after foundation application he used more illuminating moisture and MAC “pearl” hi lighter. The eyes were filled with MAC contour palette.

jasper 2

In keeping with Spain, the hair had a deep wave put in then tightly swept back following the wave with a tight bun at the back. A lot of the models also wore Spanish mantillas.

jasper 3

Words and images: Jay Pinxie Turnbull 

Additional images: Hannah Riley