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Meet SKATERS, NYC-based Post-Punk Rockers

Tuesday 25 February 2014

SKATERS is a NYC post-punk band that consist of drummer Noah Rubin, bassist Dan Burke, guitarist Joshua Hubbard, and lead singer Michael Ian Cummings.

The band celebrated their album release party at NYC’s Bowery Ballroom Monday night with much fanfare. The group is a carbon copy of the Strokes—but a really good carbon copy, to say the least – lead vocalist’s Michael Ian Cummings voice can be compared to that of Julian Casblancas, and the band performed a solid set of their new tunes closing out what was an amateur night of opening acts.

Spindle Magazine interviewed Cummings for a quick Q&A on recording at Electric Lady Studios, playing Governors Ball, and the trendy hipster epidemic.

The band recorded the album Manhattan at NYC’s Electric Lady Studios. How did that come about and what was the vibe like recording there??

It was a great recording experience. We learned a lot recording there. The intern staff is amazing. They are there 24/7 and will do almost anything you ask of them. We picked the studio because we liked that they had a room on the roof with roof access. We threw a lot of snowballs off that roof – 8th Street wasn’t safe.

How does the debut album differ from your EP Schemers? Manhattan does seem to incorporate many different sounds.

We tried to keep expanding our sound on the full length. We messed around with different vibes – it’s not exactly what you would expect from a “punk” band. We think that’s a good thing.

You are playing Governors Ball. First of all, how excited are you guys? The Strokes are headlining–do you consider them to be an influence on the band? Do you think they had an impact on rock music at all?

Really excited to play this festival, it’s a big deal here in NYC. The Strokes are a great band. They changed rock music for sure, and sold over 7.5 million pairs of Chuck Taylor’s for Converse (true fact, the Strokes’ Fabrizio Moretti told me that).

How and who came up with the initial concept for the “Miss Teen Massachusetts” video??

Danilo Parra came up with the whole shebang. He’s a totally amazing, creative and handsome man, and can land a mean pop-shove-it.

New Music Express featured SKATERS in a recent article and the user comments were not friendly at all—one saying that “you are another boring hipster band”. What are your thoughts on that comment in particular and do you ever read the user comments for reviews like that online?

Nope, generally don’t read that stuff. I feel like those comments are written by sad dudes between jerk off sessions. The Internet is a dark place. It’s best to keep your head above water. By the way, what bands weren’t “hipsters”? I like my rock bands to be squares, real boring, out of touch, average joe kind of dudes. Then I don’t feel threatened by them.

skatersnyc.com // @skatersnyc

Words: Robert Frezza