DEWL remix Manou’s ‘Sadie’

DEWL have remixed Manou’s track Sadie in celebration of her upcoming release.

The record Sadie was released at the end of last year which attracted a lot of coverage on blogs and was even featured on ASOS’ website.

Produced by PNUT who has previously worked with the likes of Amy Winehouse and Dido, Sadie is a refreshing track that is full of delicate synthetic beats and chilling vocals. You would therefore expect it to be merely impossible for any improvements to be made to the record; however London duo DEWL have proved us wrong.

Stripping the track of its original backing track and reinforcing the summery vibe created in the original, DEWL have provided us with a truly sensational remix of an already mesmerising single.

The combination of soft, dreamy vocals and boldly crafted beats pumps a little more energy into the song making it more of a dance track than a poolside one. Pop music has been reinvented in the recent months with artists warming to the infectious sophisticated electro-pop sound that is making relentless appearances amongst many upcoming artists. This trend has been jumped on by the likes of Aluna George and A*M*E, both of which have gained masses of attention and success across 2013 and currently.

It is therefore likely that the half-German and English artist Manou follows in these footsteps as she paves her way in the music industry at just 16 years old.

Have a listen to the Rio de Janeiro styled remix of Manou as we anticipate what’s to come from this exciting new artist.

Words: Sarah Mushet