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From The Gutter Up – Glyn Famous Tells Us About Seaweed and Superstars

Wednesday 12 March 2014
Words Spindle

Oh Spindle I’ve missed you, I hope you coped last week without me? Sozzzz I was off being a posh tart on a spa retreat.

I know, it’s all very glamorous – well, kind of, but I did have an interesting moment with my Masseuse. Turns out a woman with a firm hand can make a gay stand to attention! No amount of seaweed wrap can keep that down, let me tell you. Awkward!

So it’s been a crazy couple of weeks. I am still feeling the burn from the last Sink the Pink, I don’t know how but 5 years on and it just keeps on getting better – this little silly club night I started has taken over my life and I am eternally grateful for the hot mess I’ve become through it. Highlights from the last one, the bad taste ball (IT REALLY WAS) were performing Give It To Me by Madonna complete with a public toilet set and strap-ons, the crowd being covered in whipped cream and the milky stench that followed, the sheer levels of HOT boys, where do they come from? For me though, I am always blown away by how hard our crowd go with their costumes, the club kids will not be kept down, we had some VERY bad taste look mixed with couture, nudity and more! It makes me so proud that we are encouraging people to dress up, shit on conformity and celebrate themselves! Glamma time!

Following Sink the Pink I was beyond excited to spend a few days with one of my best friends who was over visiting from L.A, this is someone I want to introduce you to and believe me soon you will know her name! Jetta has been like a little sister to me for the last 5 years, ever since she moved down to London from Liverpool with dreams of being a singer. Fast forward 5 years and this week she was casually performing her new single on Jimmy Kimmel, one of the biggest shows in America. I’m beyond proud and believe me this girl is the real fucking deal. A RARE find, humble, gorgeous in and out, musically talented beyond anyone I’ve ever met, stylish, cool and a crazy bitch. Follow, listen, love, Jetta has arrived! Brapppp Brapppp and all that.

glyn seaweed

So after my week being hit by loofahs and having my cuticles buffed I am ready for one thing…a PARTY! I am going to be performing this week at Yeast London, a new Cabaret collective that are going to do big things; they are also messy so inevitably there will be stories next week FROM THE GUTTER, until then…

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