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glyn famous sink the pink

From The Gutter Up – Glyn Famous Tells Us About The Rise of the Club Kid

Thursday 20 March 2014
Words Spindle

What is a club kid? A Socialite without an Amex? An expressive fashion whore? An opportunist drug-hungry creature of the night? Someone just too damn fabulous for a 9 to 5? I choose the latter but I know first hand that club kids sometimes get a bad rep! As you may know I swim in an ocean of London’s finest disco kids, whether you like it or not they are setting sail and rising to the top. The club kids are taking over!

I’ve spent the last week with some of my favourite kids and I have been blown away with the amazing level of talent out there right now – my flabber has been gasted! Last Thursday I dragged my semi-naked ass down to Yeast London, the brainchild of that green jabber doll, Oozing Gloop. For those of you that have never met Gloop, let me fill you in: he is like the bastard conjoined twin afterbirth of Grot bags and Divine, and let me tell you he’s on to something! Every week producing new work and presenting new talent  alongside his resident freakazoids, Rodent Decay and Lewis Burton, the weekend just got longer – Thursdays are all about Yeast at East Bloc……GO NOW!


I have a HUGE gob, therefore it’s taken all of my will power to stay quiet about our amazing new collaboration. Last week we announced that Sink the Pink, my gloriously chaotic mess of a night, will be teaming up with the 2bears. Starting April through to June we will be causing a right ol’ stink! I am beyond excited as we will be joined by everyone from Jarvis Cocker,  Severino, Optimo, Toddla T,  Hot Chip, and the Cuban Brothers! I am going to have so much freaking gossip and more importantly after this level of partying will be probably be writing this from rehab!

This week I am doing something unheard of – staying in!! Whether I’ll succeed is anyone’s guess but If I do, next week I’ll be writing about the filing of one’s wardrobe…..let’s hope for your sake, I am kidnapped by the night!

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