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Introducing EDWIN’s ‘ED-55 Made In Japan’ Jeans

Thursday 20 March 2014

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“So you’re telling me that I need to buy jeans like 1½ sizes too big for me if I want them to actually fit… what tha…?” I can imagine this is what you’ll be thinking after I explain to you how some EDWIN jeans work. “That is soo not fetch”.

I’ve always had a fear of jeans so I’m not sure quite how I feel about it, but I actually think it is pretty Fetch. It’s quiche (can we make quiche work? Ja’mie anyone?). I think this quirky little requirement makes the clothing brand feel more exclusive and personal to you, as you know it’ll end up fitting like a glove.

Hang on, let me rewind, my mind’s gone into overdrive again.

I am not writing this to talk about Chris Lilley. I am writing this to introduce you to the Japanese clothing brand EDWIN. The brand was established in Japan in 1947 by Mr. Tsunemi who noticed a real lack of quality denim being manufactured in Japan at that point. By the 1950s, he began to create his own denim, honing the perfect crafting technique combined with innovation to create the traditional aesthetic of the brand. The first pair of EDWIN jeans – as we know them – were born into the big wide world in 1961.

Fascinatingly, a fair few of our modern-day favoured denim techniques were invented by EDWIN, namely ‘stone washing’ (1980s) and ‘new vintage’ (1990s), giving that authentic vintage texture to modern garments by washing techniques. The brand prides itself on careful craftsmanship and – quite unusually – these precise hand washing processes.

During the washing process, the denim is expected to shrink by roughly 1½ sizes (you see what I was going on about earlier now?) so you might need to wash your pair up to 8 times before you get the final fit. Or maybe just buy pre and wear post-Christmas…

But anyway, EDWIN Europe has just collaborated with EDWIN Japan to launch a brand new pair of jeans for S/S14, exclusive to Son of a Stag. The ‘ED-55 Made in Japan’ jeans use 14oz Vintage Selvage Denim, exclusively developed by the famous Japanese denim mill, Nihon Menpu. The heavy, durable yet carefully-crafted fabric represents traditional denim-making and Japanese workmanship, with “unmistakable European styling”. You can literally see how high quality the designs are at a glance; a must for any denim enthusiast.

With EDWIN claiming to have a strong desire to “create dreams, movements and culture, and to continue to create jeans that fit everyone”, maybe I’ve finally found a good enough reason to get over my ridiculous fear of wearing jeans!

ED-55-Made-In-Japan-Back ED55-Made-In-Japan-Closer-6 ED55-Made-in-japan-Folded-Front-&-back ED-55-Made-In-Japan-Front

Words: Lizi Milan Woolgar