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Introducing: Kaleem Taylor

Thursday 13 March 2014

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Kaleem Taylor has released the visuals to coincide with his track Love Me Back.

The video follows a minimalistic theme of black and white, switching from shots of Kaleem’s (undeniably aesthetically pleasing) face to hypnotic snaking smoke and kaleidoscopic shapes. With subliminal messages of his name flashing across the screen during the opening, we then seem to find ourselves experiencing some sort of acid trip (of course, without the acid).

The images switch from regular to inverted, making the visuals all the more engaging and addictive as we find it somewhat impossible to pull our eyes away from our screen.

More importantly, there are no irrelevant half naked girls and sports cars, and this simple approach to the visuals encourages the listeners to focus more the soothing sounds flowing into their ears.

Love Me Back as a whole offers a fine mix of RnB and soul – otherwise known as PBR&B.

PBR&B is a term that was created to define artists that produce a stylistic alternative contemporary R&B. It’s been used to describe the likes of Frank Ocean and The Weeknd who, sound-wise, are similar to Kaleem.

The corrupt synthesised beat that opens the track and spontaneously plays throughout the remainder of the single has a Kanye West vibe to it, similar to the stylistic sounds used in Yeezus in tracks like On Sight. This adds a modern aspect to Love Me Back, making Kaleem the epitome of what it means to be a current artist.

Having already had his track featured on the likes of MOBO and Wonderland, the West Londoner now finds himself working on new music. With the help of Davince and Bondax (producer of the absolute belter of a tune Giving It All), Kaleem is no doubt going to go big with his debut album.

Love Me Back is definitely a record for your “Forget About The Cold Weather, Where Is Summer?” playlist. Give it a listen and get yourself excited about what’s to come from Kaleem over the upcoming months.

kaleemtaylor.com // @Kaleem_Taylor

Words: Sarah Mushet