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phantom runners chasing the feeling
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Introducing: Phantom Runners

Friday 28 March 2014

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The Brighton band are back with their signature groove with second single ‘Chasing the Feeling’.

Now under the production guidance of multi-platinum selling Huey Morgan of Fun Lovin’ Criminals, ‘Chasing the Feeling’ sees the band move into the realms of shamanistic storytelling.

From the origins of guerrilla festival shows and house party gigs, Phantom Runners are still driven by a transcendent form of dream pop as illustrated by new single ‘Chasing The Feeling’, despite growing support from Radio 1, an ASOS fashion shoot cover, and a #1 session as voted by viewers of renowned Balcony TV. It appears that 2014 is proving to be a big year for Brighton’s finest.

The title came from one of those life experiences one always remembers, as singer, guitarist and writer of the track Adam Al-Hilali recalls: “We were by the Stone Circle at Glastonbury one year, and it got to about eight in the morning after a heavy night and my brother was still in search of something to keep the party going, and I just called out to him to give it a rest…. You’re just chasing the feeling.”

The line struck a chord and Adam decided to write around its deeper meaning. Fellow band members brought the Phantom Runners signature groove and everything fell perfectly into place, including guest rap vocals from part time Phantom Runner Titus Taylor, who treads the icy ground of rapping over indie with the deftest of touches.

The video also takes ‘Chasing The Feeling’ to another level as the band opt out of the de rigeur indie video: band play song in weird setting, and instead took the brave move to spread their artistic wings and create a short film of sorts which involves several band members, a love triangle, a mannequin, and murder by fire. These are Phantom Runners, what’s not to love?


Words: Brooke McCord