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Introducing: Zella Day

Monday 10 March 2014
Words Spindle

With a sound that effortlessly floats between the tonalities of female frontier-pusher Stevie Nicks and art pop songbird Lana Del Rey, Zella Day’s raw pop music has a distinguishable and loveable edge.

The sound of strumming guitars; the feel of soft, wet clay; the scent of fresh brewed coffee: this was Zella Day’s childhood. Secluded in the quaint mountain town of Pinetop, Arizona, Zella’s creativity flourished with the forest at her doorstep. High above Phoenix Valley, Zella’s family-owned Mor Mor Coffee House was an only sanctuary for artists and by surrounding herself with local musicians, Zella was inspired to pick up the guitar at a young age. Before long, the blossoming chanteuse started performing sets including Bob Dylan and Elvis songs – selections inspired by her coffee house family. The native Arizonan had found a calling in music and used it as a form of self-realization, penning her experiences and discovering herself through the intricacies of song. She drew inspiration from the serene Arizona mountains and turned to Clint Eastwood, old Western films, and cowboy rebel culture to help shape the attitude behind her music. The result is a raw, organic sound unconfined by the boundaries of genre.

She’s previously collaborated with other acts and self released a cover of ‘7 Nation Army’ which reached #1 on the Hype Machine’s popular chart last year. Aside from this her upcoming two-track single is set to be released this April. The single leads with “Sweet Ophelia”, a blending of personal encounters in an eerie resemblance to that of Hamlet’s Ophelia. Crunching drum machines and menacing electronics juxtapose Zella’s airy croons as she sings about the sanctity of physical connection, powerfully portraying both the majesty and fragility of letting love consume you.

The B-side, “1965,” takes a more straightforward approach, showcasing Zella’s strong voice atop soft, pattering drums and fluttering guitars. The lyrics tell a story about finding a genuine connection among a sea of inauthenticity. Moreover, the track celebrates its title – the year that a generation united despite a delusive society.

The two-track single will be released on April 7th by B3SCI Records.

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Words: Brooke McCord