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The Alternative Escape: The Lowdown and VV BROWN

Friday 24 May 2013

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Words Lizzie

Last Thursday saw Spindle team up with Les Enfants Terribles for The Alternative Escape in Brighton at the Mesmerist. An exciting mix of breakthrough acts took to the stage from electronic to rock, RnB and grunge. A free music event meant that everyone could experience some of the most promising acts and had more change in their pocket to spend on drinks (always a bonus). The Mesmerist provided an intimate, buzzing atmosphere and from early on, Tigercub tried to get a Moshpit started whilst the Away Days wowed us with their unique Indie sound all the way from Istanbul. By the evening, not only was the cider flowing but the Mesmerist was absolutely jammed packed. At sundown Cruxes certainly ‘channeled the ghosts of discotheques past’ and there new song ‘Further Still’ is definitely worth a listen. Phantom Runner’s have been shortlisted to play at Y Not Festival this year and have my vote after Thursdays performance.

The highlight of Thursday was at 4pm when VV Brown graced the stage. The crowd were mesmerised by her performance. All I can say is that her new album WILL be an instant hit. VV Brown is BACK. After touring the U.S. and leaving Island Records, VV Brown has created an awesome electro album and her own record label- YOY Records. Despite some microphone difficulties we managed to grab a quick interview with her…


VV Brown Photographer: Matt Martin

 What was the Inspiration behind this album?

The balance between strength and weakness, I was also listening to a lot of electronic and operatic music and artists such as Bjork and I have fallen in love with a band called Kate Boy.

How was your experience in the US?

Touring in the US was amazing as it is a huge country. It’s a real beast. So you are on this tour bus going to so many different states. It was mega fun but it taught me that to break it in the states is tough. I am glad to be back in the UK.

What is you favourite track on the new album?

My favourite track on the new album is called Substitute for Love. It is really intense and encompasses what the album is about. The mixture of baroque, operhatic music and electronic.

How has it been starting your own record label?

Amazing because I have full creative control. There are not a lot of opinions in the broth and I get to drive my own train without anyone telling me what I can and cannot do.

What’s your advice for up and coming talent?

Keep gigging. Get in touch with all your online social networking worlds. Be really lovely to people because people will always remember if you are mean. Follow your instincts, challenge yourself, dive into all forms of culture to inspire you whether it be fashion, illustration, film making just throw yourself into your art form. HAVE FUN- it is so easy to be caught up in the statistics and business and the music business but we are artists and it should all be about the art.

Any Festivals lined up?

I am touring in September. It is a Cinema tour as we have just shot a 15 minute short film. So it will be a gig and the cinema at the same time. We will be doing festivals next year as the album is coming out in September.

“Samson” by V V Brown is released to download on July 14th. From the forthcoming album “Samson & Delilah – released September 2013. 

Check out the video:


Photos from the Mesmerist: 

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Mesmerist photographer: Jean-Luc Brouard

photo-9  image-1Other images and words: Lizzie Ashby