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Resident Advisor x PUMA | FastForward‏

Monday 31 March 2014

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At the mention of PUMA, I was sold. Mutter anything remotely to do with trainers and I guarantee you have my full attention.

The FastForward project isn’t specifically to do with trainers or anything you might naturally associate with the PUMA clothing brand. Actually, it’s about something much deeper than just clothes – it’s about much more of an emotional, engaging and tumultuous journey.

PUMA and global electronic music giant Resident Advisor have partnered up to create a surprising series of short films that will trace the whirlwind lives of music artists as they step into the big-time.

Probably didn’t expect that now, did ya? Yep, the films will bring to life the journeys of some of the freshest up and coming DJ’s and producers as they face the challenges and rewards of finding their feet. The idea is to document real-life, raw emotions of both the artists and their loved ones in order to produce an honest and decidedly unique series.

‘FastForward’ the name was inspired by the motion of accelerating these talented artists’ lives towards those once in a lifetime, career-defining moments that can’t be fully comprehended unless you are there yourself, soaking it all in. So luckily you’re going to have the chance to be right there with them.

“And where does PUMA come in”, you say? Well, the collaboration is a celebration of the brand’s connection with the dance music scene and intends to cement the relationship for the years to come. Viewed through the lens of the rapidly shifting electronic music scene, the short films will bring to life PUMA’s key seasonal pieces in dynamic settings.

Nick Sabine (RA Founder & Director) explained how “refreshing” it was for a brand (PUMA) to approach the company with “a genuine interest in supporting emerging talent” allowing the collaboration to “positively impact the global profile of artists that excite both RA and PUMA”. Two times the cool then.

I’m not just saying this, but I seriously think this project is such a smart, forward-thinking move. In a world where we are constantly bombarded with useless reality TV only to learn how many shots of tequila one individual can handle (oh yes, I watch ‘em all), this level of authenticity really does restore a little of my faith in humanity. Watching talented artists who have been striving to achieve greatness in their field for years actually reach those career milestones will certainly be more rewarding on both accounts. Not only that; it’s inspiring. I think with the tough times in the job market and all that, we’re too used to pushing aside our dreams and just settling for whatever we can get, where (in my opinion) we should chase them literally for our entire lives.

Well, that got a little deeper than planned. But I am serious! Go and check out the first teaser of this series on the early steps of Seven Davis Jr.’s career; you’ll be inspired from just these 30 seconds. The first edition will follow his European tour – some of his most vital gigs to date – after years spent ghostwriting in the shadows and patiently waiting for his big break.

So keep your eyes peeled this year for the f-f-fresh collaboration of FastForward that is set to “document the exhilarating firsts that define emerging artists” and – lest we forget – show you some nice threads whilst they’re at it.

Words: Lizi Woolgar