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smashed pea and mint bruschetta

Corner shop delights for warmer nights: Smashed pea and mint bruschetta

Saturday 05 April 2014

The onset of BST means it’s time once more for corner shop suppers! For the uninitiated, this is a little-known culinary tradition that shuns comfort food and TV dinners for balmy nights in beer gardens and the love of a good 24 hour newsagent.

We’re talking about that moment you step off the bus home from work drinks on a school night and realise there’s nothing in the fridge save a lone jar of coconut oil. These dinners can be entirely concocted from items a well-stocked corner shop sells, and funnily enough also work well with a £5.99 bottle of Pinot. It’s essentially drunken munchies, but no one wants to call it that because you’ve got a 1,500 word report on your evolving Google+ strategy to put together by tomorrow morning and your boss definitely heard you shout “SHOTS” the second time.

You can prepare this like bruschetta and rub garlic on the slices of bread before heating, or plonk the smashed peas on toast or even dip it like hummus – I’m sure no one minds.

smashed peas

Smashed pea and mint bruschetta

Serves two, generously

250g frozen peas (not tinned as the peas give the wrong texture and don’t look as zingy!)

Half a loaf of ciabatta bread or just your favourite local shop’s offering- I went with Polish chleb this time and it worked wonders in a griddle pan

Olive oil

Handful of chopped mint

Salt, pepper

Preheat the oven to 200°C. Pour the peas into a saucepan, fill with water and cook on the hob until defrosted.

Place 6-8 slices of ciabatta on an oven-proof tray with a drizzle of olive oil on each slice and bake in the oven until they crisp up.

Once the peas are ready, blend with a hand blender or a potato masher, or even crush with a pestle and mortar. Make sure you don’t blend for too long as it needs to be a thick, spreadable texture for dipping, and not anything smoother than hummus.

Add in the chopped mint, salt, pepper and a little more oil and stir through. Serve with the heated bread as bruschetta slices or just as a dip if you don’t get that far!

Words: Ava Szajna-Hopgood

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