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Interview: Cardinal Burns

Tuesday 29 April 2014

Sat under the sun on the Channel 4 terrace was were I had my amusing chat with Seb Cardinal and Dustin Demri-Burns; the magnetic duo behind award winning comedy sketch show, Cardinal Burns. (See what they did there?) Seb was a little late because the car had picked him up at the wrong time therefore Dustin and I bonded slightly over double-barrelled names and English seaside towns whilst we awaited Seb’s arrival.

Once Seb joined us we were faithful to our English heritage and initiated our small talk discussing how lovely it was to sit under the sun. 

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Seb, Dustin, you two met at Edinburgh film school…

Both of them exchange longing looks of love

Oooo boys, is there a romantic anecdote to your first encounter?

Dustin: We met in the dark depths of our editing room doing our final year projects and we hadn’t really met properly before, we’d just crossed paths and student bars and student resident halls…

Stolen glances ey?

Seb: Yeah! Although I think the first time I met you was actually in the park, you’d had an argument with your girlfriend at the time. You were miming how you were going to go home and kill yourself by putting a gun to your head and blowing off half your head. And I remember I turned to you and I said ‘I’m going to make you a star!’

Dustin: You said you’d met someone who a bigger show-off than you!

You’d finally met your match Seb

Cardinal Burns

In 2009 you performed together at Fringe, Reading and Latitude. How did the TV program come about?

Dustin: Well in the last week of Edinburgh a lot of TV people come up and swoop in to take the acts they think have potential and Shane Allen, who worked for Channel 4 at the time, came to see the show and then spoke to us and told us we should do telly.

We then attached ourselves to a production company and the rest is history!

How was it to take a live show performance and translate it into TV?

Seb: We’d filmed sketches before of our own back so it did come quite natural. And because we’d gone to film school we knew how the process worked!

You knew the drill

In terms of material, my personal point of view is that I find your sketches funny because they are characters I have encountered before! Is that where your inspiration comes buy cheap viagra super force online from, everyday life people you meet?

Dustin: Yeah, that’s the main one! That and Google! It’s just from seeing strange people around and hearing odd voices that then we begin mimicking and it then becomes a sketch.

Who is your favourite character to play?

Seb: From series 1…Mine was probably Rachel

Dustin: I quite liked playing Charlie ‘The Office Flirt’

office flirt 1

My favourites I reckon are Phil and Terry!

Dustin: Oh…they don’t come back in series two

Seb: We had to kill them off

Oh noooooo!

Well let’s talk series 2!

Dustin: We’ve replaced Phil and Terry with minicab drivers; they’ve been upgraded!

Seb: They’re Turkish minicab drivers called Hashtag and Bukake, that look like they’ve just jumped out an 80s action film

You got a moustache?

Seb: Yeah, I have a moustache!

Dustin: I haven’t but I have got a brilliant mullet, tight jeans and flip-flops!

You got a gold chain?

Seb: Yeah yeah!


I am visualising this perfectly. Ok, who else you got new?

Seb: We got two obese British Airways pilots

Dustin: Malcolm and Jeff! They just warble on into the mic and give boring and unnecessary information and the passengers just talk back inappropriately

How has it been doing series 2? Did you ever worry you wouldn’t have enough material or are you brimming with ideas?

Seb: Yeah, there is always a point after the first few months where you realise you still have another 50 sketches to write…but we had that with the first one too anyway! We also had other writers on board too so we’re not alone!

Dustin: Seb and I sit and write most of it and come up with most of it but we do like to have writers come and sit with us for the day and we just bounce of each other. We test out stuff on them and then they add to it, but we don’t get them to submit us scripts.

So series 2 pilot airs Wednesday 30th April 10.30pm on Channel 4!

And then you’re on an Autum tour, kicking off at the Soho Theatre,which you sold out back when starting out. Is it quite cool to go back there?

Seb: Yeah, I mean Soho Theatre is great! They always have great shows on so really exciting. Doing a couple weeks there and then going up and down the country.

Touring till November! Good luck with everything guys!

So as mentioned, catch series 2 Cardinal Burns this Wednesday 30th at 10.30pm on Channel 4

Interviewer/Producer: Irune Rue Chamberlain

Video: Nathalie Murphy