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Introducing: Erotic Market

Wednesday 02 April 2014

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Words Lizzie

French Duo, Erotic Market are set to release new track ‘I Want To Be Some Booty’ ahead of the ‘Blahblahrians’ album launch this May.

French duo Erotic Market will have been a joint force for two years this coming May and since both musicians, Marine Pellegrini and Lucas Garnier have over ten years experience as musicians each, the music they create offers an eclectic unique sound which draws reference from a diverse range of genres.

If I tell you that they have inspired press comparisons to the likes of M.I.A., Grimes, The Knife and Erykah Badu, I’m pretty sure you’ll understand where I am going with this. Defining Erotic Market under one single overarching genre is pretty damn hard, especially when both founders have contrasting listening tastes: soulful hip-hop for Marine and noise rock for Lucas. The astonishing formation they undergo with drums, bass, keys, voices and electronic manipulations allows their music to swing between the groovy rhythms of black music, the raw energy of rock and saturated but uncluttered low-fi features inspired by noise music and synth pop.

Grasping Erotic Market music is like that strange, penetrating dream of unknown music, which is, each time, neither quite the same one nor a different one. It’s like saying again that beauty is always strange and is the magnificent essence of genuineness. It’s the odd, elusive feeling of remembering those tunes without knowing them at all, recognizing the vigorous rock garage music, the bright triturations of electro, the groove of hiphop…

But whether you grasp them or not, you’re sure to enjoy listening to the fluid mergence of sweet-but-standoffish vocals with rough attitude-filled off-beat base and underlying eerie keyboard tones – suggestively erotic whilst sensual and seductive. Their strength lies in their truly unique exuberant and effervescent personality – a magic mix, free from taboos and stereotypes. This is exactly what we hear in ‘I Want to be Some Booty’, taken from their forthcoming album Blahblahrians.

A contraction from Blah Blah, Warriors and Barbarians – Blahblahrians are symbolic figures, unconventional speech snipers that shatter the codes, bite the hand that feeds them and criticize without being moralists, because they are fully conscious of belonging to what they censure. But they should not be mistaken for rebels and insubordinate dodgers who create their personality intrinsically in opposition to something else. They give their own definition of themselves without refusing a system as a whole, but ready to adapt its rules. Much like Marine Pellegrini and Lucas Garnier themselves.

We’ve fallen for Erotic Market – their name, their story and most importantly their music. You’re about to do the same.

Words: Brooke McCord